‘Scorpion’: Happy’s Secret Husband is Revealed, and the Team Searches For an Autistic Boy

Erik Voake/CBS
"Little Boy Lost" -- Coverage of the CBS series SCORPION, scheduled to air on the CBS Television Network. Pictured: Elyes Gabel ©2016 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

The season’s biggest mystery is solved in tonight’s episode of Scorpion when Toby (Eddie Kaye Thomas) learns the full story of his girlfriend Happy’s (Jadyn Wong) top-secret marriage—including her husband’s identity. However, “there’s significant complications to make everything right,” teases executive producer Nicholas Wootton. Adds executive producer Nick Santora: “Geniuses aren’t always great about being grown-ups. That’s where the tension and humor will come from.”

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Romantic drama aside, there’s also a case to solve when an autistic classmate of Ralph’s (Riley B. Smith) goes missing. The search sends Walter (Elyes Gabel, above) and the team to a train station while Paige (Katharine McPhee) comforts the boy’s mom. “Paige knows what it’s like to have your child in danger,” McPhee says.


Marcus Eckert plays an autistic boy lost in a train station.

Special agent Cabe Gallo (Robert Patrick), whose daughter died years earlier, reveals his softer side when interacting with the boy. “The kid can’t talk,” Patrick says. “But he had the face of an angel. He really got to me. It shows the kind of guy Cabe is: good guy, big heart.”

Scorpion, Monday, Oct. 17, 10/9c, CBS.