’90 Day Fiancé’ Tell-All Part 1: Let’s Get the Story Straight (RECAP)

Mike and Natalie, 90 Day Fiance, Season 8 Tell All
Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 8, Episode 18 of 90 Day Fiancé].

The first half of the Tell-All reunion kicks off with host Shaun Robinson, who grills the cast on what really happened between Mike and Natalie, while Julia goes head-to-head with other ladies from the season. Stephanie and Harris (and Ryan) are also nowhere to be found. The drama is just beginning to unfold, so let’s tackle this Tell-All!

First Impressions

With pandemic production protocols in place, the couples slowly enter the Tell-All stage after being screened for COVID-19. Yara and Julia hit it off right away and admit to having connected on social media prior to the reunion episode. Yet, there’s trouble on the horizon: Julia judges Rebecca for being an “older woman with a younger man,” while Mike and Natalie arrive separately. Natalie also threatens Rebecca after “coming for her” online. Yikes. Of course, Andrew is also back and already putting the blame on Amira for their split. Finally we’re ready to settle in as the couples take their seats beside Shaun Robinson.

Mike & Natalie: No Newlywed Bliss Here

Shaun admits that she was “shocked” Mike and Natalie were still together after Season 7’s cheating allegations. “I think me and Michael both need to work on our relationship,” Natalie says before rating their marriage a six out of 10. She also isn’t wearing her engagement ring, supposedly out of fear of it being stolen. Shaun asks about the timeline of Mike and Natalie’s canceled wedding, and there are conflicting stories. First, Mike explains that he spent “five or six hours down at the river” the night before their nuptials overthinking his relationship. “I just felt a lot of pressure. I was feeling lost,” Mike stated. “I was just not ready to get married that day.”

Mike, Natalie, and Shaun Robinson at 90 Day Fiance Tell All Season 8


Natalie also brings up her fears that Mike maybe was unfaithful during that “river walk” since apparently their neighbor Tamara told her Mike was at a bachelor party. Tamara denies the claims. Even later, Mike’s mom Trish confesses that Mike called her days before he was supposed to tie the knot to tell her that he was going to send Natalie back to the Ukraine. Tamara also drops the bombshell that Trish requested Tamara to object to the wedding during the ceremony. Natalie is shocked that Mike’s decision may have been premeditated, and feels betrayed by her mother-in-law. So who’s telling the truth here?

Yara & Jovi: Finally Found Happiness…After the Strip Club

New parents Yara and Jovi proudly discuss their parenting style. Yara beams as Jovi gushes over being in awe of daughter Mylah. Yara admits that the most upsetting part of the season was that her mother didn’t attend the wedding and hasn’t even met the baby yet.

Yara and Jovi, 90 Day Fiance Season 8 Tell All


Of course, Yara says that before watching a clip of Jovi leaving the cameras to receive a private lap dance. Yara starts crying and asks Jovi to explain exactly what happened. “I had a dance, came back downstairs, continued to have fun, and then went home,” Jovi promises. Turns out the dancer was topless for the duration of single song. “It just makes me really mad. I don’t think it’s respectful to me as your woman,” Yara points up. “But he’s a grown a** man and I can’t tell him what to do.”

Jovi admits he wouldn’t be pleased if the roles were reversed, and despite Yara’s tears, it seems this couple are in it for the long haul. Even Jovi’s mom Gwen chimes in that Jovi’s whole life was a bachelor party before meeting Yara! “I want him to be the husband that [Yara] wants to hold his hand,” Gwen states. “I’m a little disappointed.” Jovi apologizes to them both, but vows that it’s all in the past.

Brandon & Julia: True Colors Revealed

It’s the same banter about whether Brandon’s parents are too overbearing or not. Turns out Julia was never actually forced to do farm work, despite her complaining. “You let everybody think ‘poor Julia,'” Jovi rightfully points out. “It was her decision to clean the animals. She kind of tricked us,” Yara agrees.

Brandon and Julia, 90 Day Fiance


Brandon’s parents Betty and Ron definitely appreciate the clarification, and also explain that the separate rooms rule wasn’t personal. Julia jokes that Brandon is “now mine” and not Betty’s little boy anymore. Julia also later picks fights with fan favorites Yara and Rebecca, so….yeah, no thanks.

Rebecca & Zied: Real-Life Filtered

Rebecca is looking amazing at the Tell All, and even her costars compliment her new physique. Rebecca reveals to have gotten Botox equivalent disport, and lip injections for her 50th birthday. She also got a “mini tummy tuck” and micro laser liposuction. Zied is more than pleased by Rebecca’s latest look. “I love this,” he coos. It seems like Rebecca’s Instagram filters are now more realistic!

Shaun asks which other stars are looking to get surgery done. Natalie says she hopes to get a nose job, and Yara acknowledges that she redid her nose and tried lip fillers. Julia says plastic surgery is for “crazy people” and both Yara and Rebecca defend their respective nip tuck decisions. “If you want to look better, just go to a gym,” Julia snaps back at Rebecca. “People are just lazy.”

Rebecca and Zied, 90 Day Fiance


Rebecca counters: “Going to the gym does not get rid of excess skin.” Yara defends Rebecca that there is “nothing wrong” with augmenting how she looks. “Your opinion sounds like judgment,” Yara shuts down Julia. Even Zied admits that he wanted Rebecca to look younger, but he didn’t care whether she went under the knife or not. Zied even wants to get his stomach “done” because he can’t stop eating pizza.

Tarik & Hazel: Still Perfect

We didn’t see much of Tarik and Hazel this episode (that’s saved for Part 2!) but Tarik does have a shining moment explaining to the audience what a private lap dance entails. “You go upstairs and you sit down with a girl and you discuss things like politics, physics. Nothing crazy happens!” he jokes.

Andrew: Bye Bye

Andrew tells the cast that “it’s been a process of healing” since his split with Amira. “We haven’t spoken or anything like that,” he states. “It’s really about moving forward. I’m optimistic about the future.” However at the production break, Amira Zooms into the reunion but requests Andrew be off-camera during her segment. “Honestly I can’t handle him,” she admits. “I will not let him control me ever again.”

Andrew, 90 Day Fiance Season 8 Tell All


Andrew is furious, and says that it “makes no sense” if they can’t “go through the graveyard” of their relationship together. “I’m just going to go home. I don’t understand why I’m not allowed to simply engage in the conversation,” Andrew fumes. He walks out with his three-piece suit jacket slung over his shoulder, complaining that it’s “not a fair agreement at all.” Seems like he’ll have to re-flatiron his hair if he opts to return in front of the cameras, but for now, the Roseville, Calif. native may be leaving the Los Angeles reunion. “I’m going home guys,” he concludes.


Next week, Jovi seems to speculate that both Mike and Natalie are lying about what really happened at their wedding. Tarik also admits to speaking with Minty again, and producers try to convince Andrew to return to set. And finally Mike’s friend Sarah is brought on the show so Natalie can confront her about possibly hooking up with Mike. This is the type of drama we crave. We can’t wait for Part 2!

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