Your Guide to ‘The Masked Singer’s Logan Paul, From YouTube to the WWE

Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images

Logan Paul, aka Grandpa Monster, who was unmasked on the March 31 episode of The Masked Singer, is known for stunts and his adventures that have made him a king on YouTube (he has 22.9 million subscribers) and social media. And he’s just as well known for controversy, including in 2017 when he visited Aokigahara, a forest known as the “Sea of Trees” on Mount Fuji that has become a destination for suicides, where he proceeded to take and post photos of a seemingly dead body.

That incident slowed him down, but hardly stopped him, and he’s now once again going full speed. He has parlayed his success into other facets of entertainment, as well as in the sports world. But despite his massive online presence, some of you may be asking, “Who is Logan Paul?” Here, a rundown of the notorious content creator.


Grandpa Monster

Paul’s rendition of “Bad Reputation” tanks his chances of staying on the hit competition series. But he certainly did fool the panelists. Ken Jeong, for one, was sure that Grandpa Monster was Kevin Hart.

The Boxer

Along with his brother Jake, Logan Paul has been involved in various levels of boxing over the years. He made his pro debut in a rematch against British YouTuber KSI. The two had mixed it up before in 2018 with judges scoring it a draw. The STAPLES Center served as the venue once again with a similar result of a split decision. He failed to take the YouTube championship away from KSI. He continues to stay in shape for his next big fight, which at one point was supposed to be one of the GOATs of the sport in Floyd Mayweather. This exhibition was supposed to take place in February as part of a pay-per-view, but was postponed.

The Sh** Stirrer

Paul has been a lightning rod for controversy, some of it harmless, such as the music videos and hanging with friends posts he’s created with, let’s say, inappropriate content. The Aokigahara debacle had the most backlash, with, among other things, petitions circulated that called for the removal of his channel, demonetization on his YouTube videos (no revenue through advertisements), and his removal from Google Preferred. Paul took down the the post and wrote an apology.

The WWE Superstar?

Superstar Sami Zayn has been filming a pseudo documentary for weeks on WWE SmackDown. Camera crews have been following him backstage and in entrances to ringside during matches. Zayn has been promoting the film and had some interaction with Logan. This is leading to the YouTube celeb appearing on the April 2 episode on Fox for “Sami Zayn’s Red Carpet Premiere.” Speculation is this will lead to Logan perhaps getting involved in some way at WrestleMania where Zayn is set to face Kevin Owens. We’ll see; given Logan’s history, pro wrestling falls right in his wheelhouse.

Logan Paul