‘The Witcher’ Season 2 Adds ‘Bridgerton’s Adjoa Andoh, ‘Outlander’s Graham McTavish and More Big Stars

Adjoa Andoh, Graham McTavish, Kevin Doyle
Ian Gavan/Getty Images; Jesse Grant/Getty Images for AMC; Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

The Witcher is bulking up its Season 2 cast with several new additions to the Continent with stars from other hits such as Bridgerton, Outlander, and Downton Abbey.

Announced via social media, Adjoa Andoh, Cassie Clare, Liz Carr, Graham McTavish, Kevin Doyle, Simon Callow, and Chris Fulton are all joining the fantasy drama in new roles. The hit series starring Henry Cavill and based on the novels by Andrzej Sapkowski is currently in production.

Andoh, who was most recently seen in Netflix’s other big hit Bridgerton, is taking on the role of Nenneke, a mother figure to lost travelers who find themselves seeking refuge at the gates of Melitele. The character is a sound advice giver and caretaker who has healed many with her elixirs over the years, among which include Cavill’s Geralt of Rivia.

Clare will take on the role of Phillippa Eilhart, advisor to Redania’s King Vizimir and powerful shapeshifting sorceress. Joining her on the Redanian team as part of the Intelligence secret service is Outlander and Men in Kilts star Graham McTavish. He’ll portray Sigismund Dijkstra, a man with a reputation for his physical strength as well as knowledge of kings and mages.

Downton Abbey‘s Doyle is taking on the part of Ba’lian, an elf seeking refuge on the Continent who is both brave and principled. Fulton, on the other hand, takes a more sadistic role as Rience, a mage who is partial to fire and is employed by a mysterious lord to hunt down a valuable jewel.

And Carr’s Fenn and Callow’s Codringher are considered “partners-in-crime;” they deal with the currency of information, wheeling and dealing when necessary. Stay tuned for more Season 2 details as production on The Witcher continues.

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