‘Tough As Nails’: Dirty Hands’ Iraida Shares a Harrowing Work Accident (VIDEO)

Tough As Nails features everyday men and women who work in demanding jobs like pipe welder, construction foreman, and cement mason. But in the March 24 episode of CBS’s hardcore competition series, teams Dirty Hands and Savage Crew go head-to-head in a surprisingly domestic setting.

Landscaping is the task at hand this Wednesday, as the teams are lead by host/executive producer Phil Keoghan to work to shape the look of the front yard of a new house. However, that’s not the only task this week as once victory has been claimed, the competitors move on to the individual competition, which this week involves crew members having to pick 80 pounds of oranges! As always, the last two workers to finish the job will face off in overtime with one punching out from the individual portion of the show.

But before they start the individual competition, team Dirty Hands is on their way to the competition site in TV Insider’s exclusive sneak peek of the episode. In the clip, teammate Iraida Mujica, a 43-year old transport track repair worker Miramar, Florida, talks about how for the first time in the competition, she feels a little beaten up from the tough tasks. She then recalls an accident she suffered on her regular job (pre-Tough As Nails, to be clear!) where she thought she might not walk again.

The way she shares the details with her teammates and their caring responses show how this show is not only an intense competition but also full of heart.

Watch it all in the video above!

Tough As Nails, Wednesdays, 8/7c, CBS