‘Breeders’ Stars Martin Freeman and Daisy Haggard on the Season 2 Time Jump and Their ‘New’ Kids (VIDEO)

Your favorite overwhelmed parenting couple is back. Breeders returns for season 2 on March 22 with a twist: a major time jump. This British dark comedy follows Paul (Martin Freeman) and Ally (Daisy Haggard) as they try to manage the impossible task of parenting without going completely mad, and with the time jump — Ava (Eve Prenelle) is now 10 and Luke (Alex Eastwood) is 13 (and recast to reflect it) — they face new challenges raising a tween and teen.

At the end of last season, Luke was recovering from a major threat to his health, and Ally and Paul were at an impasse on how to balance their work and home life. This season, there’s a shift away from the work side of the couple’s lives, and more of a focus on their children’s growing maturity and what that means. The parents have gotten older, too, and need some hand-holding as well.

We spoke to Freeman and Haggard about the new season including flashbacks of Paul going to therapy for his rage — “They don’t go that well,” says Freeman — and Ally confronting the fact that Luke may have an anxiety disorder. “She’s anxious about labeling him,” says Haggard.

Par for the course with this show: Just as the couple thinks they’ve got things under control, life throws them another curveball. Watch the video above for our interview with Freeman and Haggard and don’t forget to tune into the premiere on FX!

Breeders, Season 2 Premiere, March 22, 10/9c, FX