‘Last Man Standing’ Sneak Peek: Mike Helps Mandy With a Parenting Breakthrough (VIDEO)

In the latest episode of Last Man Standing, Mandy (Molly McCook) is projecting her own past onto her daughters’ sisterly bond.

Seen in the exclusive sneak peek clip above for the episode, “Midwife Crisis,” Baxter family patriarch Mike (Tim Allen) makes an astute observation as Mandy complains that “every game the girls play, Evelyn has to be the leader. If they’re playing Moana, Evelyn is always Moana. If they’re playing Frozen, Evelyn’s always Elsa.”

He is exasperated by the frustration over daughter Evelyn’s leadership role in relation to other daughter Sarah. “Right, I get it,” Mike says before adding with a disgusted tone, “when we play Toy Story, I gotta be Woody.”

Even with that subtle nod to Tim Allen’s days as Buzz Lightyear, it’s nothing in comparison to Mike’s observation of Mandy’s concerns. As she continues to rattle off examples of how her daughter Evelyn finds ways to boss Sarah around, she subconsciously refers to Evelyn as Kristin (Amanda Fuller). “She’s always bossing Sarah around,” Mandy complains.

Last man standing tim allen

(Credit: Fox)

“Which is not uncommon for the older one. It’s like Kris used to do to you,” Mike tells his daughter. Will Mandy pick up on the lesson her father’s trying to instill? Check out the clip above to find out.

And don’t miss the “Midwife Crisis” episode when it airs March 18 on Fox as the series turns back the clock to the COVID-19 pandemic when Mandy and Kyle (Christoph Sanders) are preparing for a home birth at Mike and Vanessa’s (Nancy Travis) house.

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