‘Married at First Sight’: Big Questions, Awkward Answers — and One Very Questionable Decision (RECAP)

Married at First Sight Season 12 Clara Ryan
Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Married at First Sight, Season 12, Episode 9, “Three Little Words.”]

Married at First Sight is no stranger to the ups and downs of newlyweds, but Season 12 seems to be taking things to an extreme.

In the latest episode, “Three Little Words,” some pairs are progressing to the next stages of their relationships, while others are still taking baby steps. Below, we break down all of the drama, including a moment almost impossible to believe. Beware of major spoilers ahead.

Adjusting at Different Paces

Married at First Sight Season 12 Haley

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The episode picks up with the couples adjusting to married life, beginning with Haley. She meets two of her friends for a chat and, during the conversation, reveals that the positive direction she and Jacob had been heading in has come to a screeching halt after he asked whether she were attracted to him. In some home footage between the couple, we get a glimpse at the argument, which begins when Haley pauses before saying anything. Needless to say, it’s not a great response.

As for Ryan and Clara, they try their hands at pottery as she loves crafting, but there are concerns about whether or not he’s ready for marriage when he says Clara can put her crafting things in the garage instead of finding a space for them indoors.

Erik and Virginia go on a date to a local driving range, hitting golf balls with very little skill. The moment takes place following Erik’s first bout of having to leave Virginia for work as a pilot. Although it seems things are going well in that department, it’s clear that she’s unhappy as she wishes aloud for more time together.

An Odd Meeting

Married at First Sight Season 12 Paige


In a random turn of events, we see Paige meet up with Chris’s pastor, Dwight. He seems shocked to learn that Chris won’t be moving forward in the marriage with Paige and offers his support, mentioning that he doesn’t think Chris is stable in his relationships. He even reveals during the meeting that when he first met him, Chris was engaged to another woman besides the supposedly pregnant Mercedes.

Making Amends?

Married at First Sight Season 12 Jacob


Haley attempts to make amends with Jacob by bringing home bagfuls of new clothes to see how he’d do in new threads that aren’t entirely ’80s inspired. He’s not super into it, but it’s clear that he appreciates her effort, telling the camera so in a testimonial segment.

Question Time

Marrried at First Sight Season 12 Erik Virginia


While at home, all of the couples receive letters from the experts that include a list of questions that they’re asked to answer. Erik admits that he compares relationships to his past marriage and has yet to find anything on that level, and it puts Virginia on edge to hear this. Meanwhile, Briana tells Vincent that her idea of loving someone stems from accepting people’s faults. Things take a sweet turn when Briana says “I love you,” to which he returns those three little words.

Ryan admits to Clara that talking about love is tough for him, whereas she just wants to be heard through actions, as in having Ryan do nice things just for the sake of doing nice things. Things don’t go well for Haley and Jacob, who are already in an awkward place, but they hope to remedy that with…a pool party!

Pool Party

Married at First Sight Season 12


At Jacob’s house, he and Haley set up for a gathering with the other couples, and things go relatively well. Vincent is absent due to a commitment, but Briana shows up along with Erik, Virginia, Ryan, Clara, and Paige. Everyone also catches up on the drama of Paige meeting Mercedes, and she even reveals that Chris wants to see her again, but alone this time.

Couples Progress

Married at First Sight Season 12 Chris


Clara and Ryan go on a date to a doughnut shop since they’re her favorite, but things turn tense when he launches into a motivational talk that she wasn’t planning to sit through. Vincent comes up with a fun way to teach Briana Spanish and uses it as an opportunity to gift her a bicycle so they can ride together. Chris meets up with Paige and reveals he knows about her meeting with Pastor Dwight, with whom he’s now cut ties.

While it seems like a contentious meeting, the pair — and we still can not believe this — agree to start over again after he voices fears about making a mistake by walking away from marriage. Paige! Run!

Jacob and Haley have a nice lunch filled with some laughs, and Erik cooks a meal for Virginia at his condo where he reveals that he loves her. To say Virginia is thrilled would be an understatement. Sadly, the episode ends on a concerning note when a salsa class Briana surprises Vincent with backfires. Feeling embarrassed over his lack of skills, he begins to shut down and is clearly unhappy. Can happier times be salvaged? Stay tuned as Season 12 continues.

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