‘Married at First Sight’ Sneak Peek: Vincent Teaches Briana Spanish (VIDEO)

Vincent and Briana are arguably Married at First Sight‘s sweetest Season 12 couple so far, and get even sweeter in the March 10th episode, “Three Little Words.”

In an exclusive sneak peek, above, Vincent has devised a special and playful way to teach his new wife Spanish. His Dominican heritage, and the fact his family speaks often speaks Spanish, is what drives him, he reveals: “I’m extremely proud of heritage, being Dominican, and I can see Briana in my life forever. So, I want her to learn the language.”

He doesn’t want his bride to feel left out at family gatherings, he elaborates, or unable to communicate directly. “I want her to be engaged and having a good old time,” Vincent says. His solution: A game consisting of writing four Spanish words of the day on a blackboard that Briana’s mother gifted them.

With dog Cookie in hand, Briana listens intently to what Vincent has to tell her about the board.

married at first sight season 12 vincent


Sharing the English translation alongside the first four words he’s chosen, Vincent’s Spanish words of the day for Briana include amigo (friend), agua (water), cama (bed), and bicicleta (bike). Together they sound out the words and learn.

Be sure to tune into Married at First Sight to see how Briana reacts to the proposed system.

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