’90 Day: The Single Life’: First Date Jitters & Trouble Where It’s Least Expected (RECAP)

Brittany, 90 Day: The Single Life
Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 1, Episode 3 of 90 Day: The Single Life].

The singles this week take out a new lease on their love lives. Danielle turns to online dating, while Colt treats longtime crush Vanessa to a very special first date. But there may be trouble in paradise: Fernanda is worried about her flame Robbie’s work ethic, and Brittany realizes one of her suitors has a child. Who said being single was easy?

Ed: A Successful First Date

Ed finally goes on his date with hostess Liz. Over brunch, Liz tells Ed through tears that she has been married and divorced twice before the age of 28. “I have huge trust issues and I don’t ever talk about my second marriage,” she reveals. Ed similarly opens up about his past marriage and recent breakup with fiancée Rosemarie.

Ed, 90 Day: The Single Life


Liz calls herself “damaged” and Ed quickly and kindly counters, “Never use that word, ever. I never want you to call yourself damaged. I call that experience.” Their date overall turned out to be a success, and Ed already is planning for a second one.

Danielle: All the Single Ladies

Danielle kicks off her single girls trip with a trio of friends — all sisters — who are “half her age.” Danielle is giddy with excitement over her beach vacation. Her pals push her to flirt with people at the hotel, but Danielle opens up about her past painful relationships, namely with the father of her children.

“Me and the kids’ dad were together 22 years. We never got married because we figured we were making it this far, why do something and have it break?” Danielle opens up. “After we broke up, my ex got together with someone who I used to consider a friend, and I think that is one of the reasons why I have trust issues because it’s betrayal.” Turns out he moved on with Danielle’s neighbor, who used to attend her “true romance” sex toy selling parties.

Danielle, 90 Day: The Single Life


Danielle’s new friends create a dating profile for her and set up a meeting with an eligible Maryland bachelor. “I do hope that he’s genuine and he’s interested, because I’m looking for someone who wants me for me,” Danielle nervously says.

Colt: ‘I Love You, Darlin”

Following his rendezvous with a porn star, Colt calls “darlin'” Vanessa to tell her that he resisted the temptation to have sex. “You had a hot chick throwing herself at you and you didn’t bang her?” Vanessa is shocked. Oh how romantic.

“I’m not interested in just that stuff anymore,” Colt assures her. “I’d like to go on a date with you officially.” Vanessa is skeptical, but Colt hopes for the chance to win her trust. She agrees to try being in a relationship with him.

Colt and Vanessa, 90 Day: The Single Life


Later Colt picks up Vanessa for their date. Vanessa does confirm to the camera that she was the “other woman” while Colt was dating Jess on Happily Ever After?. “I’ve heard him lie multiple times but I don’t see my life without Colt. He’s my best friend,” Vanessa states. Colt takes her to the Vegas SkyJump so they can both take the leap into love. He also hires a private chef for a backyard feast, where Vanessa calls their day “one of the best dates” she’s ever had.

Colt then proceeds to give a big speech to prove that he’s changed. “A lot of the relationships I’ve been in in the past, girls were embarrassed by me or didn’t like something about me that made me very insecure,” Colt admits. “It wasn’t until I started hanging out with you and just being your friend where I was like, ‘I’m actually normal.’ I want to build something; my friends are having kids and getting married. I really want that.”

Vanessa, 90 Day: The Single Life


Vanessa is still unsure that Colt is capable of being faithful. Yet Colt formally asks Vanessa to be his girlfriend. “I care about you, but I think it’s going to take some time,” Vanessa responds. “I need to see that you’ve really changed.” And so continues Colt’s challenge to win over Vanessa!

Brittany: And Baby Makes Three

Brittany is juggling new flame Terence with old friend Justin. She prepares to go out on a date with Justin, but soon realizes that Justin may not be the man she thought he was. Justin has a 2-year old son named Justice.

Apparently Brittany assumed all the photos of Justin holding a baby on his Instagram were because Justice was his younger brother. But Justin isn’t buying that. “How do I have a brother? I don’t understand. It’s a 30 year difference. He’s obviously my little guy and my best friend,” Justin proudly says in a confessional about his son.

“I can’t believe that he’s just now telling me that he has a kid,” Brittany counters. “We have been talking for five months so he really had more than enough chances to tell me that he had a son. I just don’t understand how we went this far. I feel like this is kind of a red flag.”

On their date, Justin promises that the mother of his son doesn’t mind Justin dating. Brittany invites Justin back to her apartment for a night cap, and all seems to go off without a hitch.

Fernanda: New Man, No Problems?

In Chicago, Fernanda visits her grandparents. Her grandfather explains that Fernanda nursed her broken heart while living with them before getting back on her own two feet. “I am very, very happy she was able to redo her life,” he tells the camera.

Fernanda tells her grandpa about her upcoming date with lawyer Robbie. They joke about whether she can trust an attorney or not, and her elderly grandad shares that it was love at first sight when he spotted her grandmother.

Fernanda, 90 Day: The Single Life


That evening, Fernanda embarks on her date with Robbie. He treats her to dinner at an exclusive steakhouse, and learns more about Fernanda’s family: Her grandmother was born and raised in Chicago, but Fernanda was born in Mexico. She can’t imagine moving back to Mexico after being in the U.S., though.

Robbie tells Fernanda that he’s a consummate workaholic, igniting a fear in Fernanda that Robbie might be like her ex-husband Jonathan. After a flirtatious meal, Fernanda and Jonathan kiss as she proudly states she’s over her divorce.


Next week, Ed’s mother helps shave his back, Molly’s daughters meet Kelly, and Robbie shows off his “biting techniques” while making out with Fernanda. Plus, Danielle goes on her first date, and Liz opens up about her concerns about Ed.

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