’90 Day: The Single Life’: The Girls Are Doin’ It for Themselves (RECAP)

Brittany, 90 Day Single Life
Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 1, Episode 2 of 90 Day: The Single Life].

This time, these strong women get what they deserve. Molly seems to have found a forever love with beau Kelly, while Danielle seeks out an apology from her ex, Mohamed, and Fernanda owns her divorce. While things are cooling down on 90 Day Fiancé, they’re heating up on Single Life.

Ed: Fear of the Friend Zone

After last week’s cliffhanger, hostess Liz eventually says yes to a brunch date with Ed. However, the proposition took her by surprise. “I’m glad that I’m wearing a mask to cover up my facial expression,” she admits in a confessional. “I guess I just never really pictured him asking me out. We are really good friends.”

So is Ed friend-zoned already? “It’s too soon to tell [if there’s a spark],” Liz coyly states, while pointing out their 2o-year age difference. Ed however is overwhelmingly excited. He even asks his mother to braid his hair for the date. Ed’s mom warns that him that he shouldn’t get his hopes up, and separately reveals that she’s fearful Ed will be disappointed or worse, rejected.

Fernanda: Back in the Game

Remember brunette bombshell Fernanda? While fans might have forgotten her realtor ex-husband Jonathan, Fernanda captivated 90 Day viewers from the start. She even caught the eye of a Bachelorette alum!

Fernanda, wedding dress, 90 Day Single Life


The 22-year old originally moved from Mexico to be with love Jonathan in the U.S.; however, their relationship soon fizzled out, leaving Fernanda alone again after only six months of marriage. “When I told him I wanted to go to Chicago, he said, ‘What are you going to do there? I’m not going to give you money. You don’t even speak English well,'” Fernanda recalls.

Now, Fernanda has moved to the Windy City, works as a fitness model, and transformed her bridal gown into a trophy of singlehood. “It’s a single woman free dress,” she laughs. “I am making a life for myself. … It’s time to move on.”

Fernanda, 90 Day Single Life


She hosts a divorce party to celebrate her new life and to kick off “being on the prowl” for a new partner. Immediately, Fernanda sets her sights on businessman Robbie. They set up a dinner date, but Fernanda later learns that ex Jonathan has moved close by with his new fiancée. “I feel disappointed, angry because he wouldn’t move for the sake of his marriage but he would move for a random girlfriend,” Fernanda says, tearing up. She says she doesn’t want to run into Jonathan or be with a man like him in the future.

Danielle: Blame Game

Danielle reunites with ex-husband Mohamed, but is skeptical about his true intentions. “I’m doing this because I want closure,” Danielle warily states. “[But] Mohamed is a sweet talker. He knows how to use his words to suck me back in.”

Mohamed swings into the diner like a Tarantino extra in the ’90s. The Hawaiian shirt clad Mohamed asks Danielle about her daughters before shrugging off her academic accomplishments. “This is the stuff I was trying to make you do when I was there,” he smugly says through a goatee. “You were focused on the unnecessary stuff, the drama part.”

Mohamed, 90 Day Single Life


Yet Danielle has grown wiser with age: “This is what Mohamed does, he always tries to turn the blame on me. I’m not going to let him do this anymore,” she confesses to the camera. Danielle asks Mohamed for an apology for “leaving her at her lowest,” and ruining her trust in men.

Mohamed stresses that he “never hurt anyone” but does cop to leaving her during a sensitive time. “I never meant to do anything on purpose to hurt you,” he responds. “The whole situation was really bad.” Danielle privately calls the apology “half-a**” but still counts it as a win. Mohamed hoped to meet with Danielle to “find peace,” and forge a friendship with his ex. They cheerfully part ways, but Danielle later tears up, saying that she wish Mohamed was that kind to her when they were together. “I wish that I could do it all over again,” she cries. “I just want something that I can have that’s real and that’s going to last forever.”

Molly: True Romance

Molly laces on covetable stretch knee-high boots to seduce beau Kelly, who is in town from New York. She sets the mood with candles and tells Kelly to head straight to the bedroom upon arriving. Molly also shares her “crazy fun pinup superhero” alter ego tattoo with the camera, joking that Kelly comes with his own “real” handcuffs as a Brooklyn police officer.

Kelly and Molly, 90 Day Single Life


Kelly embraces Molly as soon as he comes into her bedroom. Right away it’s clear their love is the real deal. “I’m very excited and nervous all at once,” 41-year old Kelly tells the camera. “The moment I laid eyes on Molly it was instant attraction immediately…I was counting down the days to be with her.”

Turns out Kelly didn’t share the same carnal hunger as Molly, though: “Buddha got to eat! I’m starving!” Kelly smiles.

“Um, hello. He’s got a full entrée right here!” Molly jokes. They head to dinner, where Molly tries to grill Kelly about his former relationships. He doesn’t have much to report, other than that he’s been hurt in the past. Instead, Kelly prefers to look ahead to his future with Molly.

“I know it’s very important to meet [Molly’s daughters],” Kelly respectively tells the camera. “I don’t think this relationship will go any further if I don’t build a bond with her daughters.”

Colt: Sex Positive, Love Negative

Despite being in love with pal Vanessa, Colt prepares for a blind date. “I just have to learn how to get over her,” Colt says before knocking on the door of 47-year old blonde Brittany.

Turns out Brittany and Colt have a lot more in common than Colt realized: Colt’s a software engineer, and Brittany is into astrophysics and “even knows a little bit of Python programming.” And she doesn’t mean just the coding language. A quick trip to her leopard-themed room reveals Brittany works in the porn industry, among other endeavors like real estate and DJing. “I’m kind of a Jill of all trades,” Brittany explains, assuring Colt that her custom porn videos don’t always involve intercourse.

Brittany strips down to a bikini and tosses Colt a swimsuit to join her in the hot tub. Brittany tries to kiss Colt but he shies away and asks to leave. “Brittany’s great. She’s smart, she’s very beautiful,” Colt assures the cameras. “But at the end of it all, I just want to be with Vanessa.” And we just want Brittany to be a full-time cast member!


Next week, Danielle tries dating apps, Ed connects with Liz, and Brittany realizes one of her suitors has a baby. Later Colt tries yet again to call Vanessa his girlfriend. Will it work this time?

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