’90 Day: The Single Life’: It’s All About the Math (RECAP)

Fernanda, 90 Day The Single Life
Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 1, Episode 4 of 90 Day: The Single Life]

The journey to finding love this episode comes down to numbers. Danielle nervously ventures into her first blind date with the help of a gaggle of girlfriends, Ed goes on his second date with Liz, while Fernanda juggles two unexpected men in her life. Plus, Kelly gets more than he bargained for after meeting the three strong-minded Hopkins women. Let’s dive right in!

Ed: Hairless Whisper

Big Ed scored a second date with love interest Liz, so of course he needs to Nair his back. Rather, he needs his mother to Nair his back. He asks her to apply the hair-removal cream everywhere the eye can see. “When it comes to my manscaping, I’m a little bit out there,” Ed jokes. “Liz will be seeing a lot more of me on this date and I don’t want her to see a hairy little animal.”

“Just don’t put this stuff around your private areas!” his mother says with a laugh.

Liz and Ed goat yoga, 90 Day: The Single Life


Ed takes Liz to a trendy, goat yoga session. Liz isn’t too keen on it. “I didn’t really get to concentrate on my breathing. I was more nervous about the goat pooping on me,” she says. Ed then treats Liz to a picnic with wine and snacks from his trunk. He opens up about his strong feelings for her, but Liz says she’s trying to put her daughter Riley first after two failed marriages. “I’m still guarded,” Liz admits to the camera. “We’ve grown a great connection but I have no problems telling Ed I think this will only be a friendship moving forward.”

She asks Ed about his own daughter, who is (cringe!) two years older than Liz. Ed tries to convince Liz that “age is just a number,” but she disagrees. Eventually she says they’ll see where things go.

Fernanda: Pucker Up

Fernanda and her pals go out to a bar, where her new beau Robbie shows up to aggressively kiss her. Robbie explains that he’s a trial attorney for “victims of sexual assault, victims who have been brutalized by the police, or wrongfully convicted of crimes they never committed.” Fernanda’s friends communally applaud handsome and successful Robbie for his “inspirational and impactful work,” though Fernanda’s roommate, who associates lawyers with lying, says she’s still skeptical. Fernanda, meanwhile, can’t get a word in edgewise, she’s literally tongue-tied halfway down Robbie’s throat.

Fernanda and Robbie kissing, 90 Day: The Single Life


Despite saying Robbie is a “really good kisser,” Fernanda later pumps the brakes on their relationship. “I’m afraid. I don’t want to get hurt,” Fernanda says. “When you let someone in your heart like that and you give someone your 100%…I don’t even know if I can do that anymore.”

Fernanda later FaceTimes with her therapist. She says she’s still hung up on ex-husband Jonathan, and begins to cry over her “wrong perspective of love” based on the relationship with her estranged father. Her therapist advises Fernanda to reach out to her dad so she can work on trusting men again.

Molly: Meet the Kids

Molly and Kelly had a very sexy first night together. “We had a really good time…naked,” Molly laughs to the camera. “It felt right.” While Kelly may have won Molly over in the bedroom, he now needs to impress her with his parenting skills.

Molly voices her concerns about Kelly meeting her daughters. Her youngest, Kensley, has a chromosome disorder, and eldest Olivia is skeptical of Molly marrying again. But Kelly and Kensley bond right away while kayaking.

“I hope someday they have a wedding,” an adorable Kensley tells the camera.

Molly and Kelly coffee, 90 Day: The Single Life


Olivia remains standoffish over coffee. “In the past my mom has rushed into stuff so that is why I’m hesitant a little of Kelly,” Olivia confesses. Her main concern is how Kelly will handle raising Kensley. “She can’t look out for herself,” Olivia continues.

Ultimately she tentatively approves of Kelly. Molly says she understands the hesitation because she herself doesn’t “want Olivia to see me make the same mistake twice.”

Danielle: Bad Blind Date

Back at Danielle’s beach trip with the girls, she prepares to go on her first blind date in years. Her pals give her hair extensions, and Danielle looks like a whole new person. “I feel good and I feel sexy. I’m ready to meet Jason,” Danielle gushes.

Danielle Blind Date, 90 Day: The Single Life


The date, however, doesn’t go as planned. Danielle likes bartender Jason right away, but her feelings aren’t reciprocated. After a few minutes of awkward silence, Jason escorts her out. “I’ve never had to put myself out there like this,” a downtrodden Danielle confesses.


Next week, Brittany goes out with Justin again, while Fernanda confronts her father. Plus Ed tries to seduce Liz, but his attempt at a kiss goes awry. Oh, and Colt and Vanessa double date with his ex Jess, and her new husband. Why? Because DRAMA!

Talk next week, Single lovers.

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