‘The Bachelor’: Some Surprising Goodbyes Leave Us With the Final Four (RECAP)


With everything that’s gone on in Bachelor Nation over the past week, you may have forgotten that Matt James’s season of The Bachelor is still chugging along. Last week’s episode was dramatic, to say the least, and ended with Heather Martin’s shocking arrival. Now, in Episode 7, we’ll discover whether Matt will keep her around… Let’s start this recap and find out.

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Will Heather Stay or Go?

Heather, who was on Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor, surprises Matt at the cocktail party. She reveals she’s heard wonderful things about Matt from her good friend, former Bachelorette Hannah Brown, and knew she needed to meet him ASAP. “It would kill me if I didn’t try,” she says.

As to be expected, the rest of the women are livid. They question her decision to show up halfway through the season and attack her for taking time away from the rest of the group. “You’re just Bachelor hopping. Do you know Matt at all?” Pieper asks her.

Heather feels attacked, though it’s unclear what she had thought would happen showing up mid-season. “I didn’t expect them to come at me so hard and treat me like I’m not worthy,” she says through tears.

After taking some time to think things through, Matt sits Heather down and reveals he can’t let her stay.

“I know it’s not what you want to hear and it’s hard to say, again, because of everything I’ve heard about you,” he shares. “If the circumstances were different it would be another conversation, but I’m falling in love with women here and I have to just follow my heart.”

So, Heather not only leaves upset, she’s forced to drive away in her minivan. C’mon ABC, you couldn’t have at least given her a better car?!

Who Goes Home?

Now that the Heather drama is behind us, it’s time to figure out who’s going home this week. Matt gives roses to Bri, Rachael, Serena P., Kit, Jessenia, and Abigail, which sends Serena C. and Chelsea packing.

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Serena P.’s One-on-One Date

Despite the fact that Abigail and Jessenia haven’t had a single one-on-one date this season, Serena P. gets asked on her second. Matt, dude, share the love.

Matt says he needs to know if their relationship can go deeper, and takes Serena to a tantric yoga class (aka they’re going to be getting very, very close). The pair do a number of interesting poses, all of which force them to be extremely intimate, and Serena grows increasingly more uncomfortable.

“She’s literally putting us in sex-based yoga positions,” Serena shares. “I don’t know, maybe he feels bonded by the experience, but for me, I was very much in my head the entire time waiting for it to be over.”

Following the class, Serena explains to Matt why she didn’t like the experience. “I’m someone who moves at a slower pace,” she shares.


But Serena and Matt are determined to connect over dinner. “I loved how honest you were today about how much you didn’t enjoy what we were doing,” Matt says. “I want you to be honest with me and I want you to feel empowered to say those things.”

Serena explains she wants Matt to meet her family and she’s excited for them to get to know him.

“I’m very much looking forward to meeting your family,” Matt says before he gives her the rose. Looks like we’ll be meeting Serena P’s family next week, people!

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Group Date

Pieper, Michelle, Rachael, Bri, Kit, and Abigail are asked on this week’s Group Date, which means Jessenia is the lucky recipient of the other One-on-One Date. What does Abigail have to do to get hers?

Instead of doing some crazy activity, the women join Matt for an evening of drinks and conversations. Bri pulls Matt aside and opens up about resigning from her job in order to pursue love on The Bachelor.

“When I think about my mom, being a single mom, she had to make a lot of sacrifices for me to have a better life than what she had. And so my work wasn’t just a job to me, it felt like a dream. But being here with you makes it feels extremely worth it.”

Meanwhile, Abigail is struggling over the fact she’s the only woman who hasn’t had an individual date. “I feel like I’m struggling to keep our relationship moving forward,” Abigail shares. “I can see the possibility of a future with you, I just want to know can you see that possibility with me?”

Matt explains that though he felt an initial connection to Abigail, other relationships have progressed further. “You deserve someone who’s going to put you first,” Matt shares before asking to walk her out. Can we start the Abigail for Bachelorette campaign now?

After sending Abigail home, Matt sits down with the rest of the women to decide who he wants to give the Group Date rose to. Despite having great conversations with all of them, Matt ultimately gives the rose to Rachael.

In a shocking twist, Kit stops by Matt’s room following the date and lets him know she’s ready to go home. “You deserve someone who’s 100% sure of you getting down on one knee tomorrow and that’s not me,” she shares. W e commend her for trusting her instincts!

Jessenia’s One-on-One Date

Alright, now it’s time for Jessenia’s date. Matt takes her to an empty parking lot and reveals they’ll be drifting cars. Time to buckle up ( literally ). “I’m an adrenaline junkie and I love to push the limits.”

The Bachelor Matt James Jessenia Episode 7

“If this is a glimpse into what life would look like with Matt, I couldn’t ask for anything more,” Jessenia shares. During the evening portion of their date, Jessenia shares her feelings for Matt. “I think you’ve done a great job showing different sides of yourself throughout this process,” she says. “I do want you to know that I’m falling in love with you.”

Though Matt likes Jessenia, he’s not sure he sees a future with her. “We’re missing that compatibility,” he shares. “If I’m being honest with myself, Jessenia and my relationship isn’t there yet.” Another one bites the dust.

Who’s Getting the Last Rose?

Now that Serena and Rachael have roses, it’s time to find out which other two women will be getting Hometown Dates. Matt gives his first rose to Bri before giving the last rose to Michelle, which ultimately sends Pieper home. Well, now we know we’ll be meeting Serena, Rachael, Bri, and Michelle’s parents next week! Until next time, folks.

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