The USA Today Super Bowl Ad Meter Winner Is…Rocket Mortgage?

The USA Today Ad Meter, which tracks the popularity of the Super Bowl‘s ads, has its winner (and don’t kill the messenger): Tracy Morgan for Rocket Mortgage won the No. 1 and No. 2 spots. It’s the first time since 2007, USA Today says, that one brand locked in both.

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Yeah, they were funny, but it’s interesting that they snagged the top spots when the commercials most-talked about pre-game were ads including Amazon’s “Alexa’s Body” (which scored the No. 3 slot) and Cheetos’ “It Wasn’t Me” (No. 7). Nancy Armour, USA Today sports columnist and Ad Meter spokesperson explained a possible reason for this on CBS This Morning: Rocket Mortgage “had a coordinated effort to drive people to ad meter.” So, there’s that.

No. 1: Rocket Mortgage: ‘Certain Is Better’

No. 2: Rocket Mortgage: ‘Certain Is Better’

But while Rocket Mortgage might not have left the game with the biggest buzz, sometimes having buzz is not all that. One of the most-talked about spots, Oatley’s head-scratching “Wow No Cow,” which featured Oatly CEO Toni Petersson in a field singing a cringey song he wrote, was panned on social media. (To no one’s surprise, it didn’t make Ad Meter’s top 10.) Interestingly, according to Ad Age, the commercial was a retread: It first aired in Sweden in 2014 but was banned after the the Swedish dairy lobby sued company.

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