New ‘This Is Us’ Promo Teases a Potential Tragedy for Kevin (VIDEO)

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It’s been a while since fans last spent time with the Pearsons — about three weeks to be exact — and it looks like This Is Us is kicking off its return with a literal bang.

In a new promo for the February 9 episode, “There,” we’re given a little bit more context regarding Kevin’s (Justin Hartley) situation with Madison (Caitlin Thompson) which was teased in the previous episode, “Birth Mother.”

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Feeling unweighted after his experience in New Orleans, Randall (Sterling K. Brown) had called Kevin, presumably to patch their longterm squabble, but Kevin told his brother that he was racing to baby mama Madison, who had gone into labor. The issue? Kevin’s far away from Los Angeles after agreeing to shoot a film in Canada.

Could his mad dash prove fatal? An accident is hinted at in the teaser, which also includes a past timeline story between a young Kevin (Parker Bates) and his dad Jack (Milo Ventimiglia). We know based on flash-forward sequences that Kevin is walking away from the accident alive, but could someone else wind up dead?

This Is Us Season 5 Justin Hartley

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Considering the show’s penchant for eliciting tears from the audience, we’d say anything is possible. Luckily, answers are on the way, as are Kevin and Madison’s twins.

Don’t miss the story unfold, tune into This Is Us next week on NBC and check out the teaser, below.

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