‘Tiger King,’ Cast Reunions & More of 2020’s Biggest Social Media Moments

Community, Tiger King, Normal People
Mitchell Haaseth / ©NBC / Courtesy Everett Collection; Netflix; Hulu
Community, Tiger King, and Normal People

Has 2020 been the longest year ever? It certainly feels that way considering all that has happened to entertainment amid a pandemic.

In a time when bingeing reigned supreme, viewers’ tastes were evident in some of 2020’s biggest social media moments. Whether it was Tiger King‘s early domination or John Krasinski‘s delightful Some Good News, the year was filled with plenty of viral trends stemming from entertainment. Below, we take a look back at some of the biggest.

Cast Reunions and Table Reads

30 rock community parks and rec

(Credit: NBCUniversal; Community/YouTube; NBCUniversal)

While many shows had shuttered production due to COVID-19 safety concerns, casts from shows of TV’s past sought to bring fans a little virtual cheer for good causes. Many reunions involved the stars of shows like Community, Scandal, Lizzie McGuire, and more who engaged in virtual table reads of old episodes.

Meanwhile, Parks and Recreation set a high bar with their all-new episode filmed virtually for viewers in April. Also taking the original route was 30 Rock, the cast of which reunited for a specially filmed reunion episode that also served as an upfront presentation for NBC. Needless to say, 2020 was filled with table reads and reunions for every kind of fan.

John Krasinski’s Some Good News

The Office alum brought it upon himself to share the good news he could find in this online format which brought in various stars for surprise fan interactions and weather reports. Over the course of weekly installments, Krasinski put a spotlight on the hard-working first responders and other everyday people who were treated to some once-in-a-lifetime opportunities among which included an Office reunion recreating the dance from Jim and Pam’s (Jenna Fischer) wedding.

Tiger King Domination

The wildly popular docuseries Tiger King struck a chord with viewers across the board with plenty of online memes sprouting up in response to the outrageous story. Following Joe Exotic and his “nemesis” Carole Baskin (who later appeared on Dancing with the Stars), the show featured murder for hire plots, big cats, and plenty of crazy twists and turns. In other words? A great distraction from most of our realities.

Connell’s Chain From Normal People

While Hulu’s limited drama series Normal People was overwhelmingly known for causing tears among its viewers, the show also sparked a little social media hullabaloo over Paul Mescal’s character Connell. Rather than the character himself, it was the accessory he chose to wear in the show which led to an online craze known as Connell’s chain.

Baby Yoda

Sure, Baby Yoda domination wasn’t what it was when The Mandalorian first debuted in 2019, but the cute creature remained a social media favorite. With the arrival of Season 2, renewed interest in the little guy is just as prevalent. In a year filled with some tough times, Baby Yoda was definitely a bright spot.