Get to Know Dwayne Johnson in the Past & Future in ‘Young Rock’

Young Rock NBC
Mark Taylor/NBC

How did an impressionable kid named Dwayne Johnson grow up to become the internationally known wrestler and movie megastar more commonly referred to as The Rock? The new sitcom Young Rock tells the incredible story of his trajectory.

“We spend time with Dwayne in three different timelines from his past,” explains exec producer Nahnatchka Khan (Fresh Off the Boat), “as well as a future timeline featuring [Johnson] himself.”

Adrian Groulx plays 10-year-old “Dewey” (as Johnson was called back then); Bradley Constant takes over at age 15; and Uli Latukefu steps in for ages 18 to 20, when Johnson played football at the University of Miami.

“[People] aren’t the same from beginning to end. We evolve and grow, and being able to show that was exciting,” says Khan. “Dwayne Johnson is one of the few people who’s led a life big enough to support an idea like this.”

Young Rock, Series Premiere, February, NBC