‘Filthy Rich’s Margaret Plots Away in This Series Finale Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

Does Margaret Monreaux (Kim Cattrall) have everything under control in the Filthy Rich series finale?

She’d clearly like to think so, as TV Insider’s exclusive sneak peek above reveals, but chances are, since the episode is described as “shocking,” everything she thinks she has managed will fall apart.

But first, she’s giving new titles to her husband’s illegitimate son Antonio (Benjamin Levy Aguilar) and the guy who was posing as one of Eugene’s (Gerald McRaney) kids Mark/Jason (Mark L. Young). The latter will “run the fraud division because,” as Margaret puts it, “it takes one to know one.”

Is there anything she can’t turn to her advantage?

Filthy Rich was canceled on Oct. 30 (along with Fox’s other new fall offering, Next, with both airing all episodes). In the Nov. 30 series finale, “1 Corinthians 3:13,” the Monreaux family learns “an explosive secret that threatens to tear them apart,” plus Margaret intervenes to protect Rose (Aubrey Dollar) as the latter and Mark are ready for “a serious next step in their relationship.”

Filthy Rich, Series Finale, Monday, November 30, 9/8c, Fox