‘FBI: Most Wanted’: Amy Carlson Introduces Her ‘Lone Wolf’ Character

Amy Carlson - FBI Most Wanted Jackie Ward
Mark Schäfer / CBS

Blue Bloods beloved Linda Reagan may have fallen victim to a helicopter crash, but happily Amy Carlson, who portrayed the outspoken nurse married to Donnie Wahlberg’s Danny, is back with another compelling character.

In the FBI spinoff Most Wanted, she plays “tough-as-nails, quick-witted, undaunted” bounty hunter Jackie Ward, saying, “I hope my Blue Bloods fans will tune in; they will be pleasantly surprised.”

Carlson fills us in on her recurring role and Tuesday’s debut.

What else is unique about Jackie?

Amy Carlson: She lives out of an old lime-green Lexus, she’s a lone wolf, and she believes God is a woman and her name is Dolly Parton.

Why is she involved with the Fugitive Task Force?

When the FBI posts rewards for [felons] they’re looking for in particularly tough cases, a bounty hunter has a right to be on the scene. So they can’t tell Jackie to go away [even though] she’s mucking up their work. She wants the money.

How is Jackie introduced?

In an incredible scene where everyone’s got their guns out, looking at each other, when they converge on a guy we’re all after. It’s tense and exciting.

Amy Carlson FBI Most Wanted Jackie Ward Season 2

(Mark Schäfer / CBS)

You and Julian McMahon, aka team leader Jess LaCroix, played a couple on Another World back in 1993. Happy reunion?

I was so excited to work with Julian again — he’s a terrific actor and a prince of a person. We hadn’t seen each other for a long time, so there was a lot of whooping and hollering and then elbow tapping because I couldn’t give him a big hug!

What do you miss most about Blue Bloods? The family dinners?

Having fun on set with Donnie. We still text each other. I don’t miss passing the beans.

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