‘More Goofy Uncle Than Stern Dad’: 5 Reasons Why We’ll Miss Alex Trebek on ‘Jeopardy!’ (VIDEO)

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While it may be a while before Alex Trebek‘s final show airs on Jeopardy!, it’s difficult to even imagine the game show without Trebek’s signature approach, whether it’s his interaction with contestants or his delivery of clues and categories. There are so many reason fans will miss him and, below, we’ve rounded up some of the biggest.

Fun Times With Contestants

Alex Trebek took the game of Jeopardy! very seriously, but the host also had plenty of silly interactions with contestants over the years, whether during mid-round story breaks or when he presented the clues. Examples range from his comfortable banter with long-time competitors like Ken Jennings to newer competitors like James Holzhauer, who kept Trebek in awe with his winning streak.

“He’s exactly the guy we all want him to be from TV, not just the cool old-school broadcaster, but the reliably good authoritative person,” Jennings told us about Trebek earlier this month. “He’s also a little bit goofier than you’d think. Between rounds, he’ll take audience questions and he’s cracking jokes that are self-deprecating. He swears. He does accents. I’ve seen him do little bits of song and dance. He’s really much more the goofy uncle than the stern dad.”

His Good-Natured Sarcasm

While Trebek was always up for a good time, the host sometimes couldn’t hide his emotions or thoughts. From teasing players during their mid-round anecdotes to his inability to feign understanding for contestants’ lack of knowledge in some categories, Trebek could be pretty sarcastic when he wanted to be. Trebek’s digs were downright hilarious for viewers at home, including the scenario above in which none of the players could provide questions about football, much to the host’s disappointment.

Contestants’ Love for Trebek

One moment that swept the internet following news of Trebek’s death was a candid exchange that occured between Burt Thakur and the host. Thakur revealed that he learned to speak English from watching Trebek on the show, and viewers can’t help but tear up as you witness the host take that information in. Of course, another heartwarming exchange occurred between Trebek and Dhruv Gaur, in which the player’s Final Jeopardy answer was “What is, we love you Alex?” The reveal choked Trebek up and it’s still likely to bring tears to your eyes.

His Ever-Changing Facial Hair

While Trebek may have been clean-shaven in recent years, the host’s ever-changing looks have always been a topic of debate among fans. From his early years with the signature mustache to the most recent quarantine beard, Trebek’s altering facial grooming was never lost on the viewers or the show itself. In a behind-the-scenes video from a couple years ago, viewers even got a peek into Trebek’s grooming habits.

His Unyielding Commitment

Sure, Trebek had all of the answers when it came to Jeopardy!‘s various categories, but his serious tone and calming demeanor contrasted greatly with the frantic and showy hosts of other popular game shows. For nearly 40 years, Trebek came into viewers’ homes for a few rounds of trivia each night and his intellect and poise are things viewers respected perhaps more than anything. Needless to say,  Trebek will be missed by generations of viewers who honed their random knowledge skills under his watchful and encouraging eyes.

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