‘Married at First Sight’: 6 Key Moments From ‘We Need to Get a Divorce’ (RECAP)

MAFS Season 11
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Married at First Sight

We Need to Get a Divorce

Season 11 • Episode 16

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Married at First Sight, Season 11, Episode 16, “We Need to Get a Divorce.”]

The big moment has finally arrived for the Season 11 couples of Married at First Sight as they took part in Decision Day for the penultimate episode “We Need a Divorce.”

Some say they want to remain together while others reveal their plans for divorce, but which couples are they? Below, we’re breaking down all of the relationship drama which included an dreary rainy Decision Day, but beware of major spoilers.

Amelia & Bennett

MAFS Season 11 Amelia Bennett

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Amelia and Bennett were the first couple to sit down with experts Dr. Pepper, Pastor Cal and Dr. Viviana to converse and settle on a plan for their union moving forward. Together, the group discusses the strains COVID-19 may have had on their relationship but Amelia admits the biggest challenge has been her impending move due to her residency in Virginia. But Amelia appreciates Bennett’s easygoing nature when it comes to the move, commending him on his support. Before announcing their decision, Bennett surprises Amelia by revealing a tattoo of her initials on his butt, confirming what most viewers knew — this couple is staying married.

Olivia & Brett

MAFS Season 11 Brett Olivia

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Despite breaking off their relationship before Decision Day, the former spouses still came together to chat with the experts. When Olivia joins Brett on the couch, he greets her by calling her “hon,” but she’s outwardly cold in the exchange. The experts push to understand her shut-down state and she explains that Brett has sent texts to her and feels that he’s being fake. Brett stands by his actions and says that despite not wanting to be married he hopes that they can be friends.

Needless to say, that’s not really what Olivia wants, and despite admitting that physical intimacy could have helped their union, she was turned off by his behavior and remains resolute in her stance. The experts want Olivia to accept Brett’s truth about him wishing her well, but Olivia continues to remain distant, claiming she doesn’t really know Brett despite their marriage, and so the pair who plan to divorce left their Decision Day meeting on less than good terms.

Karen & Miles

MAFS Season 11 Karen Miles

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When it was Karen and Miles’ time to sit down and air out their thoughts, he admits that his head and heart are in two different places about making a decision. Both Miles and Karen agree that having extra time and less cameras around was helpful in growing their bond as they really noticed a shift in their relationship over the past three to four weeks. Physical intimacy remains a tough subject for Miles who thought they would be in a better place by now, and Karen admits that intimacy is difficult for her unless she feels an emotional connection. By the end of their chat, the pair agreed that they would like to explore the relationship more and stay married.

Christina & Henry

MAFS Season 11 Christina Henry

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Christina feels good heading into Decision Day, still unsure about whether or not she wants to remain with Henry. He on the other hand is glad this day is finally here so he can get through the marriage as promised. She admits during their conversation with the experts that there have been awkward moments and wishes that they could have connected better romantically, claiming that Henry never made her feel wanted.

Henry in turn thinks it’s a good time to reveal the accusation Christina charged against him about being gay to the experts. Christina defends herself, claiming she didn’t believe Henry was gay and that she handled the situation wrong. After apologizing to each other for the issues in their marriage, Henry and Christina decide to get divorced.

Woody & Amani

MAFS Season 11 Amani Woody

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Amani and Woody enter their meeting with the experts optimistically — he says love is security, while she believes it’s unconditional. The waterworks begin as Dr. Viviana senses the love between this pair and when Woody gets filled up saying that marriage is everything he didn’t expect, the Dr. Pepper and Pastor Cal join in on the cry fest. Woody tells Amani it would hurt his feelings to not have Amani in his life, revealing his desire to stay married. Amani pulls a fakeout on the group by jokingly asking for a divorce before revealing she wants to stay married too.


MAFS Season 11 cast

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After Decision Day, the couples all reunited to reveal whether or not they are staying married or divorcing. Some highlights from the get together included Olivia’s push to help Amani get the puppy she wants, but Woody remains determined that a puppy will only be allowed when accompanied by a baby. Miles tells the group he’s happy with Karen, claiming Decision Day was the first time they were able to choose each other.

Brett and Olivia were noticeably awkward and distant towards each other whereas fellow divorcees Henry and Christina seemed pretty laid back. The gathering concluded with a special car decorating session for Amelia and Bennett who were driving to Virginia immediately after. Will their ride off into the sunset last or will the married couples have some news during the reunion? Don’t miss a single second when the reunion episode airs this Thursday on Lifetime.

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