‘Married at First Sight’ Reunion: Love, Hate & a Little Bit of Singing (RECAP)

MAFS Season 11 reunion
Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Married at First Sight, Season 11, Episode 17, “The Grand Finale.”]

Season 11 of Lifetime’s hit reality program Married at First Sight finally comes to an end via the traditional cast reunion where the pairs reveal (some surprising) relationship updates.

First, we want to note that things look a little different: Due to health and safety protocols, the in-studio couples sit in a separate space from host and moderator Kevin Frazier.

More importantly, though, the drama’s the same. Below, we break down the biggest moments and reveals of the night, so beware of spoilers ahead.

Amani & Woody

MAFS Season 11 Reunion Amani Woody

(Credit: Lifetime)

Amani and Woody are the first pair to sit down with Kevin to reflect on their experience with the show. It doesn’t take long to reveal that they’re still happily married. Conversation highlights include Amani’s revelation that she’ll take Woody’s last name, his reaction to her Decision Day fake-out during which she claimed she wanted a divorce, and much more.

While both of them are happy, it’s still a teary surprise when Woody sets a high bar for the night by presenting Amani with a diamond ring to show his love. Needless to say, she’s pretty overwhelmed by the gesture.

Brett & Olivia

MAFS Season 11 Olivia Brett

(Credit: Lifetime)

The drama quotient gets amped when these two rehash things — though, in a bizarre twist of events, Brett isn’t even there, and tunes in virtually. When asked why, Brett says it’s a work regulation due to the ongoing pandemic.

While both Olivia and Brett agree that fizzling chemistry probably led to their demise, things turn pretty bitter when Kevin asks about their dating lives. Brett brushes it off, saying he’s seen a couple of women, but Olivia claims Brett has been serial dating since their split.

Brett then tries to defend his overall behavior on the show, claiming that much of what made it to the screen is out of context. Olivia, though, notes that they were told by the matchmakers before the show got underway that if you’re an a**hole in real life, you’ll look like one on TV. Talk about ending a segment on a dark note.

Amelia & Bennett

MAFS Season 11 Amelia Bennett

(Credit: Lifetime)

Amelia and Bennett tune in together virtually from Virginia, where they moved to for her residency. This confirms that the quirky fan-favorite couple are very much still together. Though Amelia says she’s busy with work at the hospital, she and Bennett make the most of their time together. That sometimes includes visiting her family, who live close by, and writing music together.

Bennett — who now has a job as a solar power consultant — opens up about his tattoo surprise from Decision Day, revealing that he had a friend do it for him when he believed that both he and Amelia would say “yes” to staying married.

The couple end their segment by serenading Kevin with an original tune written for him, in which the lyrics ask about movie recommendations.

Christina & Henry

MAFS Season 11 Christina Henry

(Credit: Lifetime)

Christina and Henry show up to speak in person, sitting together on a couch to discuss their awkward marriage. Both parties admit that their attraction to one another wasn’t exactly strong from the start, and Henry reveals that the information learned on their wedding day that Christina had just gotten out of a five-year relationship tarnished his view of her.

When it comes to the subject of their dating lives, Christina and Henry reveal that there’s been no contact between them. She’s been staying in Mexico with some friends, including a new guy she’s keeping things casual with, she says, while Henry, although open to new relationships, has yet to find the “right” woman.

Karen & Miles

MAFS Season 11 Miles Karen

(Credit: Lifetime)

Some fans may be surprised to learn that Miles and Karen are still together. While Miles says he was planning to say no up until the moment he sat on the couch, he says he’s glad he said yes to staying married because life with Karen has been great ever since.

Karen discusses her reaction to learning Miles’ identity before their wedding, and says she’s glad she took a chance. Viewers will be happy to learn than Miles’ needs are being met in the intimacy department — and he’s won over Karen’s mom.

Karen also shares that since saying “yes” on Decision Day, Miles has received a bit of online attention, and calls her husband “America’s Sweetheart.”

The Group Chat

MAFS Season 11 Cast

(Credit: Lifetime)

Once the couples finish their interviews, the whole group comes together for an overview discussion. The virtual Brett is noticeably absent. When Kevin stirs the pot by asking why they think Brett wasn’t participating, Henry recalls Brett’s behavior during the bachelor party at the beginning of the season.

Christina’s warning to Olivia during the honeymoon is also brought up. Christina says girl code drove her to give Olivia a head’s up about Brett’s personality, which she once categorized as a “f**k boi.”

The conversation turns to lighter topics when the couples discuss who is staying in touch with each other, and Woody reveals that he and Henry have gotten close in the way that Miles got friendly with Bennett earlier in the season.

Next, fans get a sneak peek at the couples’ homes, getting a self-shot tour of Amelia and Bennett’s, Karen and Miles’, and Woody and Amani’s residences. Funny enough, real-life best friends Woody and Miles ended up living a couple doors down from each other with their new spouses, and share that they see each other almost every other day.

But things don’t end there. The room turns tense when Henry brings up the accusation that Christina made about him, claiming that she received a text from someone who said that he was having an affair with Henry. While Christina says she didn’t think Henry was gay, he pushes her to admit that she held this text over his head, and reveals that her prior relationship was with a married man. In tears, she apologizes for treating him that way, and they seem to bury the hatchet.

MAFS Season 11 Amelia Bennett

(Credit: Lifetime)

Before breaking for the night, the pairs play a game of marriage dos and don’ts, touching on the highly debated topics of whether peeing in the shower is okay, consulting spouses about spending is necessary, and more.

Ending things on a high note, Amelia and Bennett play the reunion out with a second performance of their original song for the group.

In the end, despite all the angst, it is a relatively successful run, with three solid marriages resulting from the social experiment. Will they endure? Keep tabs on them on social media to find out.

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