‘The Walking Dead’: Maggie Reunites With Negan in Virtual Table Read (VIDEO)

Lauren Cohan Jeffrey Dean Morgan Walking Dead Maggie Negan
Jackson Lee Davis/AMC; Jace Downs/AMC

It’s not exactly entirely “Home Sweet Home” for Maggie (Lauren Cohan) now that she’s back with the group for one simple reason: Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), who brutally killed her husband, is walking free.

And she’ll find out exactly that in the upcoming 2021 Walking Dead episode. This week, AMC released a sneak peek at the action during the show’s virtual table read. With Khary Payton (Ezekiel) narrating, Maggie remarks on seeing Negan free (“I didn’t escape, if that’s what you’re thinking,” he tells her) and finds out about his role in the Whisperers’ attack on Hilltop.

She also learns Carol (Melissa McBride) let him out and how he made sure they didn’t “lose everything.” But Daryl (Norman Reedus) assures her she can return home and “nothing’s decided with Negan.”

“The truth is I left home because I didn’t want Negan taking up any more space in my head and I realized I wasn’t ready to bring Hershel back to that,” Maggie says, referring to her son. “The next morning, we found Elijah and a whole community that needed us as much as we needed them.” She even understands why Carol did what she did.

Watch part of the virtual table read for “Home Sweet Home” below to see the rest of the ending of Act 2.

The Walking Dead returns with six bonus episodes (including this one) to finish out Season 10 in 2021. After that, there’s a two-year, 24-episode 11th season that will conclude the series. But don’t worry, that won’t be the last time you see your favorite characters. Among the spinoffs planned is one featuring Daryl and Carol set for 2023.

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