‘Married at First Sight’: 7 Key Moments From ‘Home Alone’ (RECAP)

Married at First Sight Season 11 Bennett Amelia
Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Married at First Sight, Season 11, Episode 13, “Home Alone.”]

The coronavirus has officially infected Lifetime’s fan favorite reality series as Married at First Sight‘s latest Season 11 episode saw the couples quarantine in New Orleans.

While none of the newlyweds are actually sick with COVID-19, it did put a damper on production for the aptly titled installment, “Home Alone.” For the first time since the series debuted, the couples were forced to film themselves as Decision Day gets delayed.

Below, we’re breaking down all of the drama from the episode, but beware of major spoilers ahead.

Life in Quarantine

MAFS Season 11 Amelia Bennett

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Amelia gives herself a haircut and learns her residency has been placed in Richmond, Virginia while Bennett stresses about the economy in relation to his theater work as they cope with the ongoing changes the virus has sparked. Amani finally admits her love for Woody while presenting him with a series of gifts, but their bliss appears short-lived when a fight over his DMs (direct messages) causes friction. Christina and Henry continue their awkward situation as she cooks gumbo and he works.

When Henry’s birthday rolls around, Christina claims she forgot or didn’t know as his friends send cakes and more. Their tension doesn’t get any better when she claims she’s going out for a walk and doesn’t return until three in the morning. Olivia and Brett also try to keep things on track as she works at the hospital and they watch movies together when they’re home. But when Olivia decides to visit her family by traveling, Brett decides to stay at his home but essentially moves out of their shared space.

With 10 weeks into their marriage, it’s no surprise that some are thriving, while others are at their boiling point in their prolonged unions. Decision Day usually occurs eight weeks in and it’s clear that Season 11 is going to be the show’s longest.

The End of the Line

MAFS Season 11 Olivia Brett

(Credit: Lifetime)

Every couple met with the experts virtually as the women connected with Dr. Pepper Schwartz and the men chatted with Pastor Cal. First up on the list were Olivia and Brett and for her, communication was the issue as she lamented Brett’s move out to Dr. Pepper. Olivia thinks that Brett has checked out of the marriage and that there’s been no growth. Brett talks about Olivia to Pastor Cal and says there’s too much to compromise when it comes to Olivia, but the expert points out that’s what marriage is. After telling Pastor Cal that they’d essentially friendzoned each other, Brett seemed pretty hopeless regarding the union. Finally when the pair came together to discuss, it was clear that no amount of trying would make it work and so Olivia and Brett decided that they wanted to end their marriage.

Working Things Out

MAFS Season 11 Miles Karen

(Credit: Lifetime)

Karen and Miles were the next ones up and as Karen chatted with Dr. Pepper, she admitted that she enjoys when they share sweet moments, but it’s clear that she wants a masculine figure. Dr. Pepper points out that calling out Miles’ softer side could prevent breakthroughs in their relationship and Karen admits as much when she reveals that Miles has expressed doubts. When it’s Miles’ turn to chat with Pastor Cal, he tells the man that he wants to feel wanted. So, once Miles and Karen finally meet, she tells him that she wants to make things work and she’ll try to do better, as will Miles.

Small Bumps

MAFS Season 11 Amelia Bennett

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Amelia and Bennett couldn’t be more in love, but there’s always issues to be found in any relationship, even theirs. When Amelia chats with Dr. Pepper, she mentions that her and Bennett have been talking about babies and her move to Richmond. Dr. Pepper tells her to be direct about the residency and her need to move for work unlike in past relationships, when she’s just given up due to her transient career. Bennett, on the other hand, is concerned about children, saying he’d like to wait a bit before starting a family and that he’s still unsure about the move to Virginia. Once it’s time for Amelia and Bennett to chat, he reveals that he will split time between Virginia and New Orleans, which thrills her.

No Hope?

MAFS Season 11 Christina Henry

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Christina was quick to begin her conversation with Dr. Pepper by saying that she feels ignored by Henry even though he claims he’s working. She just wants to know what’s going on with Henry, but it doesn’t seem like she’ll get any answers unless she asks him. Meanwhile, Henry says that his and Christina’s differences are piling up and he thinks she’s dishonest after he asked about where her apartment was. He’s advised by Pastor Cal to be bold and direct with Christina about this and the advice sort of backfires during their joint conversation. While he doesn’t want to give up, Christina doesn’t understand why as she exits their living room in tears.

Strong Bonds

MAFS Season 11 Woody Amani

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Amani is on an entirely different page than Christina in her relationship with Woody as she gushes about her husband to Dr. Pepper. Woody echoes this sentiment with Pastor Cal and although he mentions their spat from earlier in the episode, it’s clear that this duo is happy together. When they come together, the couple discusses babies and Amani continues to push for a puppy first. Whether or not they can reach a compromise on the topic, you can tell their love isn’t going anywhere.

A Shocking Twist

MAFS Season 11 Henry

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In the final moments of the episode, Henry claims that Christina accused him of carrying on a gay relationship after she heard a rumor from one of her friends. He vehemently denies it, but will the allegation be too big to overcome in their marriage? Tune in next week to see how the situation unfolds.

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