Why ‘Emily in Paris’ Is Required Viewing for ‘Sex and the City’ & ‘Younger’ Fans

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Emily Cooper (Lily Collins) is stepping out of her comfort zone and traveling to France for her dream job in this new Netflix original from Sex and the City and Younger creator Darren Star.

In Emily in Paris, the marketing executive from Chicago is tasked with revamping the social media strategy of a French luxury marketing company, and she and her new coworkers have something to learn from one another. “Whenever we travel, it’s the effect we have on one another,” Star tells TV Insider.

“Because she’s living there, definitely the culture has an effect on her and the people she meets and encounters has an effect on her and also just by virtue of being there and working with them, she has an effect on the people around her,” he continues.

Here, Star takes us inside Emily’s new life in Paris.

Who is Emily in Chicago before she leaves for Paris?

Darren Star: Emily in Chicago is a woman whose life is figured out. She has a job she likes, a career she likes, she’s with a boyfriend she’s committed to, and she’s not somebody that’s really left Chicago or has ever thought about leaving home.

How does Emily’s dynamic with her boss in Chicago [Madeline, played by Kate Walsh] differ from her new boss in Paris [Sylvie, played by Philippine Leroy Beaulieu]?

They’re really close, there’s a friendship between them. They’re just very simpatico and on the same wavelength, and she thinks of her boss as a mentor who’s really going to be supporting her. The boss in Paris is the opposite.

Emily goes to Paris with a boyfriend, but she meets Gabriel (Lucas Bravo).

She’s not going there intending to meet anybody. The story unfolds in a way that’s unexpected for her.

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What will fans of Sex and the City and Younger enjoy about Emily in Paris?

They’re all about journeys of self-discovery. … They all share strong, determined women who are very curious about life, and they’re all seekers in a way. They always step outside their comfort zone. They’re questioning.

Emily in Paris, Premiere, Friday, October 2, Netflix