See the Belchers’ Hand-Slapping Routine in the ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Premiere (VIDEO)

The Belchers are almost back as Bob’s Burgers returns for Season 11 beginning Sunday, September 27 and TV Insider has an exclusive first look.

In the episode “Dream A Little Bob of Bob,” Bob (H. Jon Benjamin) will go on an epic quest to find a lock box key that’s been misplaced as daughter Tina (Dan Mintz) works to learn a hand-slapping song that everyone in the family seems to know except for her.

The challenge is greater than she could have anticipated as evidenced in the sneak peek clip above where Tina struggles to decode the routine while also singing. As the scene unfolds, Tina’s siblings Gene (Eugene Mirman) and Louise (Kristen Schaal) sing a silly song while slapping hands.

Walking over to Gene and Louise, Tina attempts to join in before giving up and saying, “man, how are you guys even doing that?” After that, mother Linda (John Roberts) chimes in as she was apparently overseeing the situation as it unfolded.

Bob's Burgers Season 11

(Credit: Fox)

“Oh, I love it! But that’s not how we used to do it,” Linda says before directing Gene to try the routine with her. Linda joins the mix with ease, performing the routine with a new set of lyrics, but Tina is still not getting it.

“I don’t understand how you can do the clapping and the talking at the same time,” Tina admits before Linda promises that the family can teach her. Will Tina pick up the routine or get left in the dust? Watch the sneak peek above to decide for yourself and don’t miss the Season 11 premiere of Bob’s Burgers later this month on Fox.

Bob’s Burgers, Season Premiere, Sunday, September 27, 9/8c, Fox