'The Simpsons,' 'Rick and Morty' & 6 More Animated Shows to Binge This Summer

Kieran Ungemach
Best Animated Series Streaming
Nickelodeon; Adult Swim; FOX

In the era of streaming, there's no better guilty pleasure than binging your favorite animated shows on the various platforms, especially while we crank up our air conditioners and stay in the shade.

Collections of cartoons, from classics you know and love like Rugrats and The Simpsons to new ones that are sure to make a big splash like Rick and Morty and Bob's Burgers, have been added to services like Netflix and HBO Max.

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Why Animated Episodes Are (Almost Always) a Good Idea

'Supernatural,' 'Community' and more shows have made use of an underutilized episode format.

While summer rolls in and it gets hotter, cool off with eight animated series that you can start watching right now.