‘Sanditon’ Fans Take Show-Saving Campaign to Next Level in Public Art Display

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PBS Masterpiece
PBS Masterpiece

Sanditon fans aren’t giving up on the Jane Austen series adaptation, which landed stateside earlier this year on PBS Masterpiece.

Currently streaming on PBS Masterpiece’s Amazon Prime Video Channel, Sanditon is based on Austen’s final unfinished novel and adapted by Andrew Davies (Pride and Prejudice). After running for one season on the U.K.-based iTV, the series came to PBS with hopes of a possible renewal as it reached a wider audience.

Following heroine Charlotte Heywood (Rose Williams), the period drama sees the young woman experience the titular English oceanside resort town and encounter various characters along the way, including Theo James‘s Sidney Parker. The pair’s unlikely connection grows from mutual disdain to an undeniable adoration as the season carries on, but as viewers quickly learned, Season 1 doesn’t provide a characteristic happy ending often found in Austen’s works.

Determined to earn a renewal from PBS or pickup from Amazon, the fan campaign #SaveSanditon is taking their movement to a new level with the help of artist Simon Beck. On Monday, September 14 he created sand art under the guidance of fan group Sanditon Sisterhood to make their message a little clearer.

Depicting Charlotte and Sidney, the large piece of art also features the words “who will save Sanditon?” Funds were commissioned by fans in just a few short hours to secure Beck’s talents for sand artwork created on Brean Beach in the U.K.


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Simon Beck, holding his plan to create the spectacular sand art for our #SaveSanditon Stunt. The b&w #Sidlotte image (made by our own sister @outlanderfan_nl) was the kernel of the artwork. Simon translated it into a #Sanditon drawing that could be made in between the tides.🌊

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Since the first stunt, a second piece of sand artwork popped up as Beck returned to create another portraiture of Sidney Parker in the Brean Beach dunes. The more detailed image can be seen in a video shared by Burnham-on-Sea’s Twitter account on September 20.

Will their efforts pay off? Considering Amazon’s interest in the fans, it’s a promising sign, but only time will tell. Until then, check out the charming series for yourself as Sanditon streams on Amazon Prime Video.

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