Amazon Hints at Possible ‘Sanditon’ Return, Asks Fans for Input

Sanditon Theo James Rose Williams
Courtesy of PBS Masterpiece

Could there still be hope for Sanditon? According to Amazon, yes, there is.

In a tweet posted Wednesday, June 17, the platform’s UK page shared a promising message with fans, asking for their input on bringing the series back for Season 2. “#SaveSanditon Squad, we hear you and we’re doing what we can,” the tweet reads. “Please could you retweet this to let us know how many of you there are so we can make a case for a new season?

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The message went on to add, “P.S. Don’t use multiple accounts or we’ll get in trouble.” For those unacquainted with the British import, Sanditon debuted on ITV in the U.K. during the fall of 2019. The series was canceled across the pond, but still debuted its first season on PBS in the United States, garnering a new following that otherwise was unaware of the show’s presence before then.

An adaptation of Jane Austen’s final and unfinished novel, Sanditon follows the drama happening in the titular coastal resort town, particularly the love story between Charlotte Heywood (Rose Williams) and Sidney Parker (Theo James). Told in the vein of Pride and Prejudice‘s Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy, Charlotte and Sidney aren’t very taken with one another at the start of Sanditon, but their differences and misunderstandings turn into deep admiration.

But when the first season concluded, Charlotte was left in tears when Sidney revealed he’d have to marry his former love to secure funds to help his contractor brother with turning Sanditon into the resort town he envisions. For those familiar with Jane Austen’s works, they always conclude with some semblance of a happy ending and Sanditon‘s was anything but happy.


(Credit: Courtesy of PBS Masterpiece)

Hopefully fans will get the continuation they’re hoping for and retweet Amazon’s message to better their chances. When Williams spoke with TV Insider earlier this year, she couldn’t say what Sanditon‘s Season 2 chances were, but say of the online support, “I think what everyone’s doing is the most effective thing because it means people are noticing.

“What everyone’s doing in the moment is really the best thing,” she continued. “And so thank you to everyone. I wouldn’t really know how to best advise, but I would say that especially on Twitter — all of the mentioning — people definitely see that stuff.”

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Chances for the show’s renewal on PBS in the United States remains unclear as the network has yet to renew or cancel the series. Stay tuned for updates as they become available and stream Season 1 of Sanditon now on Amazon.

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