Clare Crawley Talks Her ‘Different’ Quarantine Season of ‘Bachelorette’

Clare Crawley Bachelor Greatest Seasons Ever Bachelorette Quarantine

As The Bachelor franchise looked back at Juan Pablo Galavis’ season (its 18th) in The Greatest Seasons — Ever!, host Chris Harrison checked in with one of the contestants from his season — and the star of The Bachelorette this fall.

Clare Crawley’s segment was filmed when she was in quarantine prior to production beginning on Season 16. The 39-year-old’s search for love is taking place in a “bubble,” which she called “different in the best way possible” because it will allow her to find exactly what she wants.

“I want somebody who’s not excited about the wonderful locations — which is great and it’s awesome to be able to go do those things, which I’ve done before — but this is more of what I’m looking for, just real one-on-one connection or multiple connections and just having the time to get to know each other way better and not having to focus on anything greater or bigger than that,” she explained.

Clare also gave a tour of her suite (“so upgraded from what I expected,” she said) at La Quinta Resort & Club in Palm Springs, California, including her dogs’ room and the bedroom. “Because of this special quarantine bubble we’re in, you might expect some visitors sneaking over,” Harrison remarked. “Get ready. I’m ready for it,” she replied. “After quarantine, are you kidding me?”

Clare Crawley Chris Harrison Bachelor Greatest Seasons Ever Bachelorette Suite Quarantine


Clare also shared that her mother is as excited as she is about possibly walking away from her season engaged. (Considering the rumors, which ABC has not confirmed, that she fell for her one of potential suitors, Dale Moss, and Tayshia Adams, from Colton Underwood’s Season 23 of The Bachelor, is replacing her in the middle of the season, they may both be happy with the results.)

Her time on The Bachelor with Juan Pablo, despite how it ended, and the years since that have given her time to think about it have “given me a sense of calmness,” Clare revealed. “It’s crazy times in the world right now. But as I’m sitting here, there’s excitement, there’s possibility for the future, there’s so much positive things in my mind and in my heart right now. I’m not anxious at all about this time. I’m excited for this time, because I know from where I was to where I am now and the work I’ve done. I have prepared so much for this moment. Meeting the man of my dreams, I could not be more ready for this.”

In fact, she shared, she’s “thankful to the situation” because without her time on The Bachelor, “I wouldn’t be the woman I am today on some level.”

The Bachelorette, Season 16 Premiere, Tuesday, October 13, 8/7c, ABC