Thorns in ‘Lucifer’s Side Lead to a Bad Decision & Major Moments (RECAP)

Lucifer Season 5 Episode 6 Recap
Spoiler Alert
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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 5, Episode 6 of Lucifer, “BlueBallz.”]

Perhaps the most light-hearted episode of the first half of Lucifer Season 5 also contains a couple things fans have been waiting years for.

Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German) are finally together, but work and an ex-boyfriend interrupt and complicate their new relationship. And speaking of romance, forensics specialist Ella Lopez (Aimee Garcia) may finally break her streak of bad guys after meeting a nice reporter at a crime scene.

Elsewhere, an angel and a demon deal with very human problems. Amenadiel (DB Woodside) just wants his half-human, half-angel baby to stop crying and finds help in a surprising place. Meanwhile, Maze (Lesley-Anne Brandt) tries to work through her abandonment issues by taking a page out of a friend’s book.

They Deserve Better

Maze is slowly dealing with her mother’s death, namely by deciding she doesn’t want to end up alone like her. Linda (Rachael Harris), while also yelling out advice to Amenadiel about their crying baby, offers some advice as a therapist: be more open and emotionally available when she finds someone she’s interested in romantically. Maze decides to be just like Ella, who’s always so friendly, until she sees the forensics specialist kissing yet another bad boy at the club.

Tom Ellis Aimee Garcia Lucifer Season 5 Episode 6 Lucifer Ella

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But it does look like Ella’s going to break that streak after she meets a reporter at a crime scene; she initially brushes him off because he’s adorable and therefore not her type. When she runs into him again, as the case is wrapping up, she asks him out. He seems nice, Maze remarks as he walks away, and Ella thinks he might actually be. But she also thinks Maze is, if not nice, at least good, albeit “good scary, because it’s you.” She even assures her friend she’ll find her soulmate as soon as she shows someone how amazing she is, but that’s when she loses Maze because, as the demon says, “you can’t find a soulmate if you don’t have a soul.”

Don’t Give Up on Incredible

Lucifer and Chloe’s night is interrupted (but they’re cute walking to the crime scene together, brushing fingers) when a DJ is murdered, electrocuted by his BlueBallz headphones. Though Lucifer’s hoping to wrap it up quickly, it’s clearly not an accident; the wire in the headphones was obviously cut and his setup sabotaged. To make matters worse, their witnesses are all drunk and high.

Then, to the devil’s surprise, Chloe hugs another DJ at the scene: Jed is her ex-boyfriend. (She says it was casual, but he says it wasn’t.) She doesn’t tell Jed she’s seeing Lucifer, but as she explains after, she doesn’t want people to talk and they don’t even know what “this” is yet. And unfortunately, Lucifer won’t be rid of Jed so fast: the headphones were his, and everyone uses the same mixing board. Jed’s either the killer or the intended target.

Lucifer and Detective Dan Espinoza (Kevin Alejandro) find common ground in their dislike of Jed. The DJ and Chloe broke up right before Dan met Chloe, and Jed tied to get back with her after their divorce. (And considering Jed named his foundation after Chloe, using an old nickname, he’s clearly still not over her.)

Even with two possible suspects — Raul, who was angry about Jed’s foundation building low income housing at the marina, and a woman who broke into his office — Lucifer refuses to rule out Chloe’s ex. He even suggests Jed’s responsible when the DJ’s office blows up, orchestrating everything to get close to her again. Chloe can’t believe someone would go that far to be near her, prompting Lucifer to point out, “Well, I did go to hell and back for you twice, but who’s counting?”

Chloe Lucifer Season 5 Episode 6


Prints on a gate lead to the woman who broke in: Belinda Roberts, who’s trying to record snakes having sex when Chloe and Lucifer find her. Jed used some of her recordings in his tracks, and she wants him to pay. While Lucifer takes Jed to his place to stay safe (so Chloe doesn’t bring him to hers), the detective goes through messages from obsessed fans and listens to the recordings off the devices Belinda planted in her ex’s office. Ella recognizes a beeping on one as being from a hearing aid, and Chloe sets up a sting at Lux in hopes of identifying a fan with one.

Lucifer, after Jed says Chloe dumped him after the “mystery” and “will they/won’t they” tension was gone, ignores the detective’s calls (later tossing his phone out a window) and takes the guy he’s supposed to be watching over to Amenadiel’s … and then misses it when Jed slips out.

At Lux, Chloe, Maze, Ella, and Linda (eager for a girls’ night out of any kind) fail to find a fan with a hearing aid, but when Jed suddenly shows up, the demon notices a woman reaching into her bag and tackles her. She just wanted a photo, but she has been sending Jed some crazy messages — because they slept together. Her husband found out, and he’s the one trying to kill the DJ after his friends gave him a hard time for not doing anything about the affair. Chloe gets it: he let his friends get into his head when he should’ve talked to her, but while she drives him crazy, she can also be incredible and he still wants to be with her. After he’s arrested, Jed tells Chloe he knows she was talking about Lucifer. They’re “something, but it’s new and it’s complicated,” she admits.

But as Jed points out, she also used the word “incredible,” and after she and Lucifer reconnect as the episode ends, they agree they are incredible and (finally) fall into bed.

Lucifer, the Baby Whisperer?

As Amenadiel struggles to figure out how to get baby Charlie to stop crying, he enlists the help of another father he knows, Dan. But as he eventually discovers, as Lucifer gets upset about Jed manipulating him in hopes of winning back Chloe, it’s the devil’s true face that settles the baby. “Do it again, Luci, do it again,” Amenadiel encourages him, and Lucifer does, with some silly noises and faces.

And so when Charlie starts crying again, the others are eager to send Dan away so Lucifer can break out his devil face again. But as the detective is walking to his car, his phone rings, with Lucifer requesting him to return because he forgot something. When Dan turns back around, he sees Lucifer’s devil face and hurries to his car, speeding off. And out from behind a tree steps Michael, holding his twin’s phone.

Lucifer Season 5 Episode 6 Dan Sees Lucifer Devil Face


This may not be the strongest of the first half of Lucifer Season 5, but it’s about time Dan found out the truth! (Plus, Lucifer’s devil face calming Charlie is priceless!) Lucifer probably shouldn’t have dropped his guard when it comes to his twin’s dealings, especially considering that nasty cut he gave him across his face…

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