Simon Pegg & Nick Frost’s ‘Truth Seekers’ Tackle the Paranormal in First Trailer (VIDEO)

Truth Seekers
Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video unveiled the first trailer for its upcoming comedy Truth Seekers during the show’s [email protected]panel today.

The event, which was also part of Amazon’s Virtual-Con, featured stars and creators Simon Pegg and Nick Frost alongside fellow writers Nat Saunders and James Serafinowicz as they previewed the eight-episode series which is set to debut sometime this fall. When it arrives, Truth Seekers will be available worldwide in more than 200 countries and territories.

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In the trailer, viewers get a peek at the series which follows a team of part-time paranormal investigators working to uncover and film ghost sightings across the U.K. Along the way, they share their adventures on an online channel for everyone to see.

Simon Pegg Truth Seekers

(Credit: Colin Hutton/Amazon Prime Video/Stolen Pictures)

As their investigations in haunted churches, underground bunkers and abandoned hospitals with homemade ghost-detecting equipment carry on, they’ll endure more frequent supernatural experiences that are terrifying and even grow deadly. The adventure will lead them down a dark path as they begin to uncover a conspiracy theory that could ignite Armageddon for the human race.

Mixing hilarity with horror, Truth Seekers is set in a world filled with dread and monsters lurking just out of sight. Frost stars as Gus and Pegg portrays Dave alongside fellow cast members Samson Kayo as Elton, Malcolm McDowell as Richard, Emma D’Arcy as Astrid and Susan Wokoma as Helen.

Truth Seekers Cast

(Credit: Colin Hutton/Amazon Prime Video/Stolen Pictures)

For those familiar with Pegg and Frost’s humor, they’re the minds behind such projects as Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Sick Note and Paul. Catch the silly supernatural shenanigans in Truth Seekers‘ first trailer below, and keep an eye out for the fall premiere date as the weeks carry on.

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