‘Truth Seekers’: Nick Frost & Simon Pegg, Together Again, Go After Ghosts

Simon Pegg Nick Frost Truth Seekers
Fall Preview

They may not be professionals with proton packs, but the ghost hunters at the center of this horror-comedy still manage to come up against plenty of specters.

Heading up the amateur operation: widower and broadband installer Gus (Truth Seekers cocreator Nick Frost), who has been posting his solo paranormal investigations on YouTube for two decades. His reluctant No. 2 is a newbie technician named, yes, Elton John (Samson Kayo).

As spirits manifest and strange happenings occur — “Gus likes to think he’s seen it all, but things start to get properly otherworldly,” Frost says — the duo’s investigation points toward an Armageddon-level conspiracy. Characters like Dr. Peter Toynbee (Julian Barratt) eventually crop up with mysterious roles in the subterfuge.

Truth Seekers reunites Frost with his longtime collaborator, Shaun of the Dead costar and pal Simon Pegg, who plays Gus’ shady boss, Dave. The idea for the series came out of their love of all things supernatural — they even used to hang out in graveyards!

Working with Pegg again, says Frost, “was like finding a pair of old, smelly jeans in the bottom of the washing basket and thinking I could probably get two more days with these.”

Truth Seekers, Premiere, Friday, October 30, Prime Video