‘Truth Seekers’ Nick Frost & Samson Kayo on Their Ghostly Comedy (VIDEO)

The truth is out there.

Prime Video’s upcoming paranormal comedy-mystery series Truth Seekers explores ghosts, other supernatural beings, and even an armageddon-level conspiracy — and it all starts with two broadband installers.

Paranormal “expert” Gus (cocreator Nick Frost), who runs his own online channel for his amateur ghost hunting, is a pro at his job as a broadband fixer, and he manages to squeeze in his hobby while driving around between homes and businesses. Enter: Elton John. Not that Elton John, of course. This Elton, played by Samson Kayo, who is a newbie at Smyle. Gus is tasked with training him.

“Gus is very much a lone wolf,” Frost says during a video interview (above) with TV Insider. “He doesn’t work well with others. He doesn’t really want a partner at first, and then he’s put together with [Elton] who he [discovers] is a portal to the other side, so he actually attracts ghosts.”

truth seekers nick frost

“There’s an unlikely bond between the two,” adds Kayo.

This wacky horror-comedy creation is straight from the minds of Frost and his longtime collaborator Simon Pegg (who plays Elton and Gus’ boss, Dave), in addition to James Serafinowicz and Nat Saunders.

Check out the full video above for more from Frost and Kayo, including their Halloween traditions.

Truth Seekers, Premiere, Friday, October 30, Prime Video