‘Lucifer’ Adds a Love Interest for Aimee Garcia’s Ella in Season 5

Alex Koch Cast Lucifer Season 5 Ella Love Interest
John P. Fleenor/Netflix; Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images

Forensic scientist Ella Lopez (Aimee Garcia) will have someone by her side while she deals with a new struggle in Lucifer Season 5.

The Netflix series added Alex Koch as “endearing, nerdy, and friendly” reporter Pete Daily, her new love interest, Entertainment Weekly reports. The two meet during a case for the LAPD (and a story for him).

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Describing Pete as “a good guy” and “just as geeky” as her character, Garcia noted that their relationship is “so much more intimate because it’s not just physical. They go to Star Trek conventions, and they go to dinner and there’s wine and candles. They speak Klingon together.” That certainly sounds like the “match made in heaven”—and hopefully it doesn’t turn out to be hell, considering this show—she said it is.

Also coming up for Ella in Season 5 is “a crisis of self,” the actress added, following her previous crisis of faith when Charlotte Richards (Tricia Helfer) died. “While she went a little bit to her darker side in season 4, I think in season 5 we’re going to see this unapologetic, almost real-life angel spiral a little bit with who she is and we’re gonna get to see a side of her that isn’t Susie Sunshine.”

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Might that change her reaction if she does learn that Lucifer (Tom Ellis) is in fact the devil as he’s been saying he is? She’s one of the ones still in the dark, so she has no idea that he left for hell at the end of Season 4. And it should therefore be interesting to see what happens as the truth comes out that the one who’s back and “reunited” with Lucifer’s love Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German), is actually his twin Michael, as revealed in the trailer for Season 5A.

The upcoming fifth (and not final) season is being released in two parts, with the first eight episodes dropping next month. After the possibility of Lucifer coming back for more was teased earlier this year, Netflix announced its renewal for a sixth (and yes, final!) season in June.

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Benedict will appear in the second half of the fifth (and not final) season.

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