Thai Nguyen on Why ‘Say I Do’ Is More Than a Wedding Show (VIDEO)

Hollywood fashion designer Thai Nguyen didn’t completely know what he was signing up for when he became a part of the Netflix reality show Say I Do.

In the series, which could be called a wedding-centric cousin of Queer Eye (both shows come from executive producer David Collins), Nguyen, interior designer Jeremiah Brent and chef Gabriele Bertaccini band together to help couples achieve the wedding of their dreams. Brent personalizes the venue, Bertaccini creates a unique and eclectic menu and Nguyen makes magic with custom clothes.

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If you’ve already checked out Say I Do, which dropped earlier this month on the streamer, you know that the show is also about the personal stories of the bride and groom (and, yes, some episodes it’s groom and groom)—and that Nguyen, Brent and Bertaccini open up, too. As Nguyen told us during a recent chat, revealing so much about his own life was definitely a surprise, but the connections he felt to the couples inspired him. For example, in the season finale, Nguyen is so moved at one point that he publicly shares how his own long-term relationship has its challenges with his very traditional Vietnamese parents.

Watch the video above for more of Nguyen’s take on the show, including what filming in Ohio and Indiana added to the heartfelt series and his thoughts on a potential second season.

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