Dolly Parton on Her Songs Becoming ‘Heartstrings’ & Her LGBTQ Fans (VIDEO)

Dolly Parton has made a career out of embracing her Tennessee upbringing and incorporating it into the many songs she’s written over the years. One of those songs, “These Old Bones” (from her 2002 Halos and Horns album), became an episode in Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings, the Netflix series that brought Parton’s songs to life with stars like Julianne Hough, Delta Burke, Gerald McRaney and, in this particular episode, Ginnifer Goodwin (Why Women Kill) and Golden Globe winner Kathleen Turner. Also, the “These Old Bones” episode has been awarded the Christopher Award (Television Category) and the Faith and Freedom Award, MovieGuide Awards (Television Category).

When she sat down to talk to TV Insider recently, Parton admitted the “These Old Bones” episode is her favorite in the eight-episode first season of the series and shared her experience working with Turner, who plays clairvoyant mountain woman, Mary “Bones” Shaw.

Parton also talked about how she crafts the stories within her songs and when she realized that she had devoted fans in the LGBTQ community. Watch the video interview with TV Guide Magazine’s Jim Halterman above.

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