‘One Day at a Time’ Gets Political in Animated Special Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

One Day at a Time
Pop TV

A first look at Pop TV’s One Day at a Time animated special, “The Politics Episode,” is finally here ahead of its June 16 premiere.

Featuring returning guest stars Gloria Estefan and Melissa Fumero, the installment will see Lin-Manuel Miranda make his series debut as Tio Juanito. The special centers around the visit of Penelope’s (Justina Machado) extended family as her conservative cousin Estellita (Fumero), Tia Mirtha (Estefan), and Tio Juanito drop by the house.

But will tensions flare amid the upcoming election? It seems that avoiding fighting over politics is futile as the sneak peek below indicates. In the clip, Penelope envisions a scene in which she shares her political opinions with her visiting family, but Penelope’s daughter Elena (Isabella Gomez) is quick to point out that this fantasy she imagines isn’t reality.

“Changing peoples’ minds about politics is hard,” Elena warns her mother. “How did you think it was going to go?” she asks before Penelope launches into her fantasy.

penelope alvarez one day at a time

(Credit: Pop TV)

There are a few other silly realizations made within that fantasy that you’ll have to check out for yourself along with this exciting episode. Joining the animated fun as well are Rita Moreno as Lydia, Stephen Tobolowsky as Dr. Berkowitz, Todd Grinnell as Schneider, and Marcel Ruiz as Alex.

Don’t miss One Day at a Time‘s animated special when it airs next week on Pop TV.

One Day at a Time, “The Politics Episode,” Airs Tuesday, June 16, 9:30/8:30c, Pop TV