Mariah Carey Surprises ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Cast on ‘Dear Class of 2020’ (VIDEO)

Schitts Creek Cast

Schitt’s Creek ended its six-season run earlier this year, but fans haven’t seen the last of the Rose family as the cast of characters reunited for YouTube’s Dear Class of 2020.

The virtual commencement celebration honored students, teachers, and everyone involved in helping to finish out the 2020 school year, which has seen learning go virtual due to coronavirus. Appearing as their Schitt’s Creek characters — David (Dan Levy), Alexis (Annie Murphy), Moira (Catherine O’Hara), Johnny (Eugene Levy), Stevie (Emily Hampshire), Patrick (Noah Reid), Twyla (Sarah Levy), Jocelyn (Jennifer Robertson), Ronnie (Karen Robinson) and Ray (Rizwan Manji) — the cast of the Pop TV series paid tribute to educators in song, only to get a big surprise from Mariah Carey herself!

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The stars appeared just ahead of the two-hour mark (at 1:53:30) of the nearly five-hour ceremony, and kicked things off with some signature Rose family banter. Moira then revealed they’d been invited to participate by Barack and Michelle Obama, adding “turns out they enjoy films about murderous crows” — a reference to her fictional film The Crows Have Eyes III: The Crowening.

Then it was time to add a few more faces into the mix as Stevie, Patrick, Twyla, Jocelyn, Ronnie, and Ray joined in. Together they collaborated on a cover of Mariah Carey’s “Hero” dedicated to teachers across the globe. But things took a wild turn when the iconic songstress actually dropped in on the Zoom session, adding in the final verse and giving David — a self-proclaimed fan — the biggest surprise.

Schitt's Creek Dear Class of 2020

(Credit: YouTube)

The series about a rich family that ends up moving to the titular small town (their only asset after losing all of their money following a major financial swindle), concluded with a wedding between David and Patrick, which also included references to Carey via Patrick’s vows. Following the shock and awe of her arrival, Carey also addressed David, and proceeded to sing the tune Patrick crooned on the alter, “Always Be My Baby.”

Watch the joyful exchange in the Dear Class of 2020 video below to catch your favorite characters back in action.