Are You More Like ‘Upload’s Living or Lakeview Characters? (QUIZ)

Upload, Amazon Prime Video
Amazon Prime Video

Amazon’s new comedy, Upload, shows a future where people can be “uploaded” into a digital afterlife. After Nathan (Robbie Amell) meets an untimely death, he is forced to navigate his new afterlife while dealing with old and new relationships and an investigation about his mysterious demise.

Amazon's 'Upload' Renewed for Season 2, Robbie Amell & More to ReturnSee Also

Amazon's 'Upload' Renewed for Season 2, Robbie Amell & More to Return

The comedy hails from 'The Office's Greg Daniels and debuted on May 1.

The series is full of unique and hilarious characters in both the living and upload world, which means everyone is sure to connect with one of them. Are you confident and successful like Nathan? Sweet and caring like Nora? Sassy and blunt like Aleesha? Take the quiz below to discover which Upload character you are.

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