Kittens Go For the Gold in Hallmark’s ‘Kitten Summer Games’

Kitten Summer Games Final Photo Assets
Hallmark Channel
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The competition is as fierce as it is adorable at Hallmark Channel’s first ever Kitten Summer Games. Modeled after the network’s yearly Kitten Bowl, the new event features dozens of furry felines battling it out in a miniature Olympics that includes boxing, tennis, gymnastics and track and field. How does a kitten play tennis? We found out that and more from host, cat advocate and North Shore Animal League spokeswoman Beth Stern.

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How do the “kitten games” work?
The Kitten Bowl had been such a success for Hallmark and even more a success at getting kitties into wonderful homes and spreading awareness about local shelters that they decided they wanted to do something to coincide with the Summer Olympics as well. In the Bowl, we just have the kittens on a small football field playing with a little football. Now they’ve come up with a bunch of different games for the kittens based on human ones. The kittens play volleyball. They wrestle, which is kind of perfect for kittens. The sets are incredible. They even play tennis by batting a small ball, which is hanging on a string, back-and-forth over a net. The way they compete is so cute.

Who are the standout players?
Tabby Douglas is great in gymnastics. There’s also Nadia Come N’ Scratch Me. An adult cat, Bela Cat-Rollie, is the gymnastic “coach.” So cute. Pawdre Ag-hissy is the great tennis player. And Hissing Bolt is the best at track.

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What’s your favorite thing about the Games?
It’s already saved so many lives. The 100 kittens and cats who participated have been adopted. And around the time it’s airing, we’re holding adoption events at the North Shore Animal League and all of its partner shelters. We’re going to get so many animals adopted that week, for sure.

Kitten Summer Games, Friday, August 5, 8/7c, Hallmark Channel