‘The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart’ Episode 5: Viva Las Vegas (RECAP)

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After weeks of dates and performances, we’ve finally reached the semi-finals on The Bachelor Presents: Listen To Your Heart.

Not only are we down to the final four couples, but they’re also packing up their stuff and leaving the mansion to live life on the road like real musicians. While this change of lifestyle is good for some couples, it also has the potential to ruin others.

Read on for a recap of tonight’s penultimate episode.

Movin’ Out Of The Mansion

Though this isn’t The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, this really wouldn’t be a Bachelor Nation show without a little travel, would it? Chris Harrison stops by and lets the final four couples know they’ll be leaving the mansion for good. Though they’re not jet setting off to Europe or the Bahamas, the remaining eight contestants find out they’re traveling in tour buses to none other than Las Vegas.

Needless to say, the gang’s excited to hit the road like real musicians. “It’s been my dream to be a touring musician, have a family, and be able to tour with them. So hopefully today will give me the confidence that Jamie and I can do it,” Trevor says.


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Chris and Bri clearly have the strongest connection thus far. Not only have they already said “I love you” to one another, but they have the strongest chemistry. Trevor and Jamie’s relationship feels authentic, but at this point, it’s hard to imagine their romance lasting post-show. And then there’s Ryan and Natascha and Rudi and Matt, who are having fun but don’t necessarily feel quite as solid.

“I really like the girl a lot, I really do. Am I falling in love with Rudi, or do I see that as a possibility? Of course, I see it as a possibility. I’m still just a little hesitant to say that I’m falling for her even though I might be, I don’t know. It’s confusing,” Matt reveals.

Bri and Chris, Trevor and Jamie, and Ryan and Natascha arrive in Vegas at the same time, but Rudi and Matt decide to take a pit stop and spend the night at a motel out in the middle of nowhere to strengthen their connection.

1-On-1 Dates

Chris and Bri are given the first 1-on-1 date, and in classic Vegas fashion, they head to The Little White Chapel — but don’t worry, they’re not getting married (yet). Rather than saying “I do,” they’re asked to sing a song for a couple who is getting married. Chris then reveals he always wanted his father to marry him, but he sadly passed away five years ago. “I want to be there for him and I want to be everything that he needs and deserves. I totally think about being engaged to him. It’s impossible not to go there when you have these deep feelings,” Bri says.


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The second date goes to Trevor and Jamie, and they head to the T-Mobile Area where they get to play a little ice hockey. Jamie wants to tell Trevor that she loves him, but she’s scared he’s not going to say it back. But, before Jamie garners the courage to drop the L-bomb, Trevor reveals he’s only ever said “I love you” to two people in his life, outside of his family.

“I take that word more seriously and sacred than any other word. And before I say that to someone I want them to know that I mean it,” Trevor explains. Jamie’s a little disappointed, but she appreciates his honesty. However, she still decides to tell him that she’s falling in with him….and he says it back!

Matt and Rudi are given the third date, which takes them to a Shaggy performance. Only in Vegas, right?! Rudi, after hearing about Jamie’s date the day before, wants to tell Matt she’s falling in love. The only problem? She’s not sure where he stands. But, after a little bit of rambling, Rudi tells Matt she’s falling for him. Matt, however, doesn’t say it back. Uh oh, cue the tears!


“As much as I do like her, I want to make sure that we’re doing the right thing and that we’re not rushing into this whole thing. I don’t want to say something and not have it be 100% true,” Matt shares. Rudi is clearly upset, and though they sing well together, she’s not sure if she wants to continue the journey with him if they’re not on the same page.

Last but not least, Ryan and Natascha go on a romantic date to…a junkyard? Yeah, that doesn’t necessarily fit the music theme of the show, but who cares. After destroying a few cars, they both share they’re still invested in their relationship. Though neither one of them seems super obsessed with the other, we appreciate the fact they’re not pretending for the cameras. They like each other, and that’s just fine for now!

The Performances

For this week’s performances, Ryan and Natascha are given “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran, Bri and Chris have “Can’t Help Falling In Love” by Elvis Presley, Jamie and Trevor take on “Just a Kiss” by Lady Antebellum, and Matt and Rudi tackle “Shallow” by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.

The judges for this week are Bachelor Nation couple Arie and Lauren Luyendyk, lead singer of Train, Pat Monahan, and Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross. The first couple to perform is Bri and Chris, and no surprises here, they absolutely crush it. “Bri, I feel like you have hearts coming out of your eyes,” Ari says.


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Second up is Jamie and Trevor, and they are determined to put their love on display. Though they’re maybe not the best singers out of the bunch, they clearly have chemistry. “I was smiling the whole time. I could feel that your energy, Jamie, you’re just yourself. I can feel that,” Ashlee shares. Ryan and Natascha are third on deck, and their performance doesn’t quite hit the mark. It feels awkward, disjointed, and a little bit all over the place. Last but not least is Rudi and Matt, whose relationship is currently up in the air. Despite their complicated romance, they’re incredible performers and the judges are seriously impressed.


Now it’s time for the roses. The first couple called safe is Jamie and Trevor. Next is Matt and Rudi and the final couple called safe is Bri and Chris. Despite being strong performers for most of the competition, Natascha and Ryan are sent home.

Chris then reveals the final three couples will be heading to Nashville, which is where the champion will be crowned. With just one week left, who do you think is going to win the show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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