Toast to Mother’s Day With the Very Funny ‘Call Your Mother’ Special

Call Your Mother Comedy Central Documentary Special
Courtesy of Comedy Central

For many comedians, every day is Mother’s Day. Moms are such great material. In a well-timed documentary movie special, Call Your Mother reveals the special bond between jokesters and the parent they consider their greatest inspiration, fiercest critic, and biggest fan.

“You gotta get the funny in life from somewhere. I got it from my mom,” says Louie Anderson, who channeled his late mother’s eccentricities into his Emmy-winning role as Christine on FX’s Baskets.

Several comics recall how their moms initially despaired of their children going into this risky business. But they got over it. Many of the best scenes show beaming mothers basking in the limelight as they sit in clubs listening to their offspring — including Kristen Schaal, Roy Wood Jr., and Fortune Feimster — poke fun at them. “She enjoys attention,” Feimster explains, as mom Ginger adds, “Just say I’m a good sport.”

In a more poignant segment, Judy Gold plays back phone messages from her late mom, marveling at their sarcasm — “It’s been a delight,” barks one sign-off — and perfect timing. “That’s how I grew up,” she says.

Ironically, a hilarious scene in which Bridget Everett sings a bawdy ditty with her mom, Freddie (above), is so raunchy, I realized I could never watch this with my own mother!

Call Your Mother, Documentary Premiere, Sunday, May 10, 10/9c, Comedy Central