‘Call Your Mother’ Cast Talks About the High-Stakes, Tender Comedy (VIDEO)

Call your mother, Freddie (Joey Bragg).

TV Insider’s exclusive video for the new ABC comedy, starring Kyra Sedgwick as Jean, an empty-nester who moves closer to her grown children (without telling them), starts out with that continuous plea-slash-demand.

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Sedgwick stars as an empty-nester who reinserts herself into her adult kids' lives.

Jean “is obviously suffering from some empty-nester difficulties,” Sedgwick explains in the clip. “The whole story is how does she insinuate herself back into their lives?”

Apparently, from her end, quite easily, as she doesn’t take no for an answer. Her children, Freddie and Jackie (Rachel Sennott), on the other hand, don’t exactly have the same experience.

That’s because Jean is a self-proclaimed “hunt them down and force my love on them kind of person,” Sedgwick explains. Sennott diplomatically points out one of the problems with this is that mother and daughter have “different love languages.”

Call Your Mother Jackie Jean Rachel Sennott Kyra Sedgwick


As for the January 27 episode of Call Your Mother, Jean plans a girls’ night for her and Jackie to bond after her daughter finds out she checked on Freddie, but not her, during quarantine. Plus, Celia (Emma Caymares) becomes frustrated with Freddie always relying on Jean to take care of him and taking his mother’s advice over hers.

Call Your Mother, Wednesdays, 9:30/8:30c, ABC