‘God Friended Me’: He Said/She Said With Brandon Micheal Hall & Violett Beane (VIDEO)

Violett Beane Brandon Micheal Hall God Friended Me Season 2
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God Friended Me‘s atheist podcaster Miles (Brandon Micheal Hall) helps people suggested by a mysterious social media account — and that’s taken a toll on his relationship with Cara (Violett Beane).

The couple split earlier this season, and she’s been seeing a fellow journalist, Adam (Chris Conroy). But the God Account’s latest friend suggestion has Miles wondering whether he should tell his ex he still has feelings for her. (Watch an exclusive sneak peek below of Miles’ personal life and the friend suggestions colliding.)

The drama’s Hall and Beane give us their take.

What was your first impression of each other?

Brandon Micheal Hall: That she was very talented and highly intelligent! Violett is someone who has a huge heart and an even better sense of humor.

Violett Beane: He’s a very chill, easygoing guy.

Why do you think Miles and Cara broke up?

Hall: Their friendship was more important than trying to make something work that wasn’t supposed to at that time. But it was sad nonetheless.

Miles Cara God Friended Me Season 2 Relationship Breakup

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Beane: They believed the God Account would help his sister Ali [Javicia Leslie] beat cancer if they did. I also think Cara felt betrayed over her stepfather [Tom Everett Scott as Paul — in prison thanks to Miles and the God Account’s interference].

Is this new guy right for her?

Hall: Nope. He’s not Miles. Period.

Beane: They challenge each other creatively and could be good together.

Should Miles tell Cara what’s in his heart?

Hall: Yes. Telling the truth only opens doors for more possibilities.

Beane: It’s a risk I would be willing to take because I wouldn’t be able to live with a secret like that. You can’t help who you love!

Are you rooting for them to get back together?

Hall: I’m rooting for them to be happy, whether that’s as friends or romantically.

Beane: I think they’re meant to be, so yeah.

Watch an exclusive sneak peek at Sunday’s episode below:

Based on what we’ve seen, who would you say is behind the God Account?

Hall: Whoever is behind it has a plan in place for Miles. Whatever that plan is, it’s going to take him to new and greater heights beyond religion!

Beane: My best guess is Ali. She’s always wanted Miles to rekindle his relationship with their father [Joe Morton’s Arthur Finer, a bishop] and find his faith again.

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