‘God Friended Me’s Violett Beane on Cara’s Feelings of Betrayal & Tension With Miles

Prophet & Loss
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[Warning: The following contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 2, Episode 9 of God Friended Me, “Prophet & Loss.”]

Did the God Account just come between Miles (Brandon Michael Hall) and Cara (Violett Beane)?

Cara’s stepfather, Paul (Tom Everett Scott), is at the center of Sunday’s God Friended Me, as moments after Miles meets him, he gets him as his next friend suggestion. Eventually, they learn that he’s involved in an insider trading scheme — one that’s the subject of Cara’s latest story. He’s tempted to run, until Miles and Cara catch him at the airport.

Despite working together, Miles and Cara’s relationship is strained at the end of the episode, with him wondering if this was the God Account trying to force the choice between it and her on him and Cara arguing that he was the one to make the wrong choice.

Here, Beane breaks down the episode and what’s next.

Let’s start with Cara’s struggle this episode as she’s torn between Miles and the God Account and her family, not to mention her work getting mixed in. Will this make her look at the God Account and its friend suggestions in a new way?

Violett Beane: Absolutely. She’s really struggling with the trust issues that she’s had. The reason she wasn’t able to say “I love you” right away to Miles was because she had that love and she’s had it taken away, so to say that and to trust someone so entirely to then, in this episode, she’s asking him, she’s pleading with him, to stay out of it and let her handle it, he doesn’t do that. That’s a big trust thing for her. She blatantly asks him to do something for her, and he didn’t. Going behind someone’s back like that really tests the limits of your relationship.

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Also, she just got this family back. She’s always wanted a family. This episode opens up with them all at dinner. Miles is coming to dinner for the first time, and the family is genuinely very happy, and that’s something Cara hasn’t felt in a really long time. Then to have that immediately ripped away is really difficult for her.

Also [she] believes that the God Account wants what’s best for everyone, but she’s feeling like the God Account somewhat betrayed her. Obviously, if what it wanted for her and her family really was the best thing, it would have sent them the stepdad’s name before he got involved in any illegal activities, not afterwards. How it all goes down, it doesn’t feel to Cara the God Account has her best interest at hand.

When Miles finally tells her at the very end of the episode, “Gideon told me I’d have to make a choice, but I’m realizing I don’t have to make a choice, I choose you and the God Account,” Cara says, “No, you chose the God Account. You chose to follow it blindly and not listen to me when I asked you to be there for me.” That’s a big pivotal moment.

What is she feeling in that moment and how does it affect their relationship going forward? They’re still going to be working together on the God Account.

That tension carries on for a few episodes. “Can we move past this? Are we strong enough to push past this? Is that the right thing to do?” In the episodes to come, ultimately Cara’s the one that makes a decision for better or for worse.

But in that moment at the end of the episode, she’s dealing with everything that happened. Her family has basically been ripped apart. Her mom’s going to have to sell their house. There’s all these different things that are going to play out. It’s just overwhelming. She feels emotionally drained and like she doesn’t really have anyone she can turn to that she can trust.

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Speaking of her family, we see her sister go inside and her mom asking Miles what happened with their happy ending with the God Account. This is going to change all of their relationships — Cara’s with her family, Miles’ with them, too?

There’s no way that it can’t. That’s always going to be an underlying feeling between the two of them. How do you move past something like that?

What’s going on professionally for her? Anything new? More joint assignments with Adam?

As of now, no. Adam gets another job at Vice, so he leaves the office. But she is doing well and the episode we’re shooting right now actually, there’s another coworker at Catapult that comes into play to help one of their friend suggestions, so we get to see a little bit more of Cara at work.

On the topic of friend suggestions, what can you preview about Judd Hirsch’s guest spot?

That’s a great episode. That is going to be a tearjerker. Someone who was in a bus on their way to Auschwitz and escaped. It’s a really heartwarming story about a brother and a sister who lost each other and never thought they would find each other. Judd is great. Oh my gosh, he was fabulous. That’s a really, really sweet episode.

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