‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’: A Psychic Medium Rocks Ronnie’s World (RECAP)

Jersey Shore Family Vacation recap
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On tonight’s episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation, Mike is officially out of prison and ready to reunite with the roommates — but first, the crew needs to prepare for his arrival.

First thing’s first, the gang devises a plan to stock up on food — both healthy (because of his newfound six pack!) and unhealthy (because he’s Big Daddy Sitch, after all). Pauly, Snooki, and Deena head out to buy the junk while Vinny, Ronnie and Angelina go shopping for the more carb friendly foods. “Is Mike going to remain Keto, or will he go Cheeto?” Vinny jokingly asks. They also come up with a series of burning questions they’ve been dying to ask him, like… What was the WiFi password in prison? Did he have a prison boyfriend? Did you do your eyebrows behind bars? Clearly, all the hard-hitting asks.

After food shopping, Snooki surprises the group by sharing that her friend Gina, who is a psychic medium, will be stopping by the house to give readings. “Why not ask Gina about our future like, what’s going to happen to all of us?” she says. Not all of the roommates are necessarily excited about getting a reading —specifically Ronnie — he doesn’t have much of a choice.

So Gina arrives and tells Angelina that she’s going to have three kids, that Vinny is going to find the love of his life soon, and that Pauly isn’t going to settle down any time soon.

Then she moves onto Ronnie. Gina immediately brings up the father-of-one’s toxic relationship with his baby mama Jen Harley. “If someone isn’t understanding you in such a way that you feel like you’re drowning, you need to run the other way,” she tells him. “And I feel like you will and you will start to do that because of your daughter.” She goes on to predict some happy news for his future — that he’ll have a more peaceful relationship when he’s a little bit older and will welcome another child… but not on purpose.

Deena’s reading is a little more emotional, as her father who passed away in 2016, comes through. Gina tells her that she sees her father holding and kissing a baby before passing him down to her. “So know that he held the baby before you did,” she says of Deena’s son, whom she welcomed in 2019. Gina also brings up a special Disney watch that Deena’s family chose to bury her father with, to which she broke down in tears. “That solidified that my dad is with me and he is watching over us,” she says.

After wrapping up all the readings, Gina leaves, but pulls Ronnie outside for a private chat. She tells him that she didn’t want the others to hear, but wanted to share a little more about what she was feeling about his baby mama. She says she needs serious help and things could end badly if she doesn’t get it, so he needs to do what’s necessary to protect his daughter. Ronnie listens intently, but then unplugs his microphone so cameras can no longer hear their conversation. When he comes back into the house, he’s clearly shook by what she said, but unwilling to divulge any details about their private conversation. After all, he’s been dealing with endless drama with Jen for quite some time now, so it’s safe to say this isn’t brand new information.


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The next day, it’s FINALLY time for Mike to reunite with the roommates and they welcome him with open arms when he walks through the door. “So many emotions are going through my brain right now but most importantly I’m just happy to be with my friends once again who are family,” he says. “It’s been eight months and it’s been a long, hard eight months.”

They happily show him all of the food they had set out on the table in his honor — with some of his favorites like Funfetti cake and a meat and cheese platter.

“I want to make up for missed times,” he adds. “I want to show people that the comeback is greater than the setback.”

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