‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’: Jenni’s Divorce Party Ends With a Surprise From Angelina (RECAP)

Jersey Shore Family Vacation recap
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Tonight’s episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation kicks off with Mike back in the house with his roommates and ready to answer the hard-hitting questions the group prepared while awaiting his highly anticipated arrival days prior. He dishes on how the food was (it was horrible) and if he was popular in prison (he was), but ultimately shares how proud he is of himself for getting through and coming out the other side stronger.

Mike’s wife Lauren shows up to the house and joins the group, saying that she’s still overwhelmed with emotions since he’s been back. The roommates ask about future plans for the newlyweds and they admit that they’re actively trying to have a baby. So naturally, a baby-making basket was gifted to them — complete with sex toys — because, why wouldn’t it be?


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Unfortunately, Mike and Lauren’s visit is only temporary, as they head back home to spend the night together without the roommates. The group seems to be sad to not have him back living in the house for good, but as long as he’s home, that’s all that matters.

As soon as Mike and Lauren leave, JWoww breaks down in tears over a text message she receives from her ex-husband, Roger, who she’s been fighting with over their custody agreement of their two kids. “I’m co-parenting with someone who doesn’t want to work with me,” she says through tears.

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“I don’t get the luxury of being a fun parent or the weekend parent. I just really miss [my kids],” she continues. “I get one a weekend a month.”

After seeing how distraught she is, Snooki decides to throw her a “divorce party” to celebrate being free from her toxic relationship. The group rents a party van and heads to dinner and a drag queen show — much to Jenni’s delight.

“Tonight is going to be a messy night and honestly I’m due for a mess,” Snooki says as they head out for an evening filled with strippers.

Right off the bat, Jenni gets pulled up on stage and gets a lap dance from one of the strippers. She happily throws dollar bills at the stripper, and appears to be completely forgetting about all of the drama with Roger.

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Shortly after, it’s Angelina who’s taking the stage with a surprise for Jenni, Snooki, and Deena. While the girls are totally confused as to what she’s doing on stage (performing? stripping? who knows?), it turns out, she wanted to ask the girls to be her bridesmaids in her upcoming wedding. “I’m officially asking these b*tches to be my bridesmaids,” she says.

While Jenni in particular has had a rocky history with Angelina over the past 10 years, she gladly accepts the invitation, as well as Snooki and Deena, who immediately start crying.

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