‘The Good Doctor’ Finale Promo: Someone Won’t Survive the Earthquake (VIDEO)

The Good Doctor Season 3 Finale Promo Earthquake

The St. Bonaventure Hospital staff might look a bit different in the upcoming fourth season of The Good Doctor.

The final episodes of Season 3 serve as the two-part finale, and based on the promo, they’re going to be intense. In the first hour, the March 23 “Hurt,” a massive earthquake rocks the city of San Jose.

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The staff of St. Bonaventure is on high alert as the doctors and nurses assess the damage and account for the safety of their colleagues and friends. And at least two of them won’t be at the hospital but will be in trouble: Melendez (Nicholas Gonzalez) and Glassman (Richard Schiff) will be attending a charity event when their lives are threatened by the earthquake.

And if you’re worried about them, you probably should be. The preview teases that not everyone will survive and shows each of the doctors worried or in a dangerous situation. Shaun (Freddie Highmore) is even crawling through rubble when what may be an aftershock hits.

In the latest episode, Morgan (Fiona Gubelmann) initially decided she was stepping back from surgery due to her rheumatoid arthritis. However, after what would have been her last surgery, she instead chose to go a different route: a procedure to remove the joint linings in her fingers, which could allow her to operate for 10 more years. (Glassman thought it was a stupid decision.) If Morgan survives, might this earthquake change her mind about her future?

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