'Women of Troy' Explores Women's Basketball's Rise to National Prominence  

Rick and Christina Gables
Courtesy of USC Athletics

On Tuesday, March 10, HBO debuts the documentary Women Of Troy, an illuminating tale of the historic and transcendent USC women’s basketball team of the 1980s.

The film explores how the Cheryl Miller-led Trojans changed women’s basketball forever with their up-tempo style and superior athleticism en route to winning consecutive national championships, and ultimately influencing the establishment of the WNBA.


Cheryl Miller (Courtesy of HBO Sports)

At a time when Title IX’s impact on women’s sports was first emerging, the Women of Troy arrived at USC. Their remarkable skills, fierce competitiveness and ability to overcome adversity both on and off the court led them to national prominence, two national titles and a visit to Ronald Reagan’s White House – the first collegiate women’s team to ever do so.

Cheryl Miller, Pam McGee, Paula McGee, Cynthia Cooper, Juliette Robinson, and Rhonda Windham, along with head coach Linda Sharp, took to the court with a level of skill and confidence that brought their sport into the mainstream.

Through first-person interviews and archival film footage and photographs, the special pivots on the 1983 championship showdown between the upstart Trojans against then-reigning champion Louisiana Tech, and explores how this transformative moment in sports history has forever impacted the lives of the participants and shaped generations to come.

More than thirty years later, the Women of Troy, some as professional basketball players in the WNBA, reflect on their remarkable accomplishments and the magical journey each of them took.

Women of Troy, Premiere, Tuesday, March 10, 9/8c, HBO